Thursday, 2 February 2012

China, hot chocolate and new friends

Last week we met up with friends to have an afternoon in Sheffield's Weston Park Museum, we haven't been for a while and it was great to see the China exhibition. The children all loved playing with the puppet theatre and had fun dressing up as different animals. Cordelia liked the cow costume and Ruben liked being a dragon. We met some friends from last years Clifton Park Museum trip. Ruben thought it was great to meet a new friend in D and they played so lovely together, chatting away happily, despite D being 3 years younger than Ruben.. At one time Ruben wouldn't have played with anyone much younger but thankfully he seems to be much better at it now, I think its probably because he is the youngest in our house and therefore is mostly used to playing with older children. The cafe had a special offer on hot drinks in the afternoon so we all went and warmed up with hot chocolates. Its not something I can always afford to do, as it gets expensive with five of us so it was a nice treat. Even the miserable old couple who were shaking their heads at the children for not being in school didn't spoil it. Why is it people do that? There were 7 children and a baby and they were so well behaved it made me so cross that people behave like that!! I really should have said something but some days I just get sick of defending my decision to home educate. I really think that so many people still think children should be seen and not heard or in this case, at school until 3pm and not spoiling their quiet cafe visits. Its rather sad really and I pity their attitudes. Anyway despite making me cross it did not spoil our afternoon.The boys were really sweet as we were saying goodbye and did a special handshake/high five combo. On the way back to the car Ruben said he was really happy to have made a new friend, so hopefully we will meet up with them again soon. On the drive back home he told me that when he is bigger is he going to live in a cottage and also work for ROAR (CBBC program for anyone interested). He really loves watching the program and playing on the zoo game on the BBC website.

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