Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Chesterfield Flea Market

Chesterfield is famous for its market and boasts one of the biggest outdoor markets in Britain. It dates back as far as 1165! On Thursday we had a trip with my mother in law to the flea market, we haven't been since last summer and I had forgotten how much I like it. I really enjoy buying second hand and so do the children. I wasn't always that way but I hate wasting money these days. I love buying an item that comes with its own story, something that's been much loved and enjoyed by people before I've owned it. I am starting a collection of vintage clothes for myself, so was very excited to find a gorgeous play suit for a bargain £8! Bailey found lots of old figures to look at and helped Ruben to look for Littlest Pet Shop (sadly there was none!), Piper loved helping me look for clothes and fabrics and Cordelia bee-lined for all the stalls with sparkly old jewellery. Think she may have been a Magpie in an earlier life! She also liked the handmade bath bombs and soaps, and bought some with her own pocket money. Piper managed to find an early 80's Barbie doll so she was very happy, she bathed and washed Barbie's hair and put her a new dress on when we got back home. The children were hungry so we had an early lunch of pizza breads from Gregg's, not really my choice but the children enjoyed and then we came back home. I was still feeling quite unwell whenwe got home but the children were delighted to find it was so mild outside and played for 3 hours in the garden, digging, weeding, running around and playing on the swings. Piper said she had forgotten how much she loved playing out in the garden, roll on Spring!. It really is lovely having older children when your not well and Hubby is away. They were ever so helpful, making me cups of tea and playing together nicely, I really am lucky to have such wonderful children! Thankfully, Hubby was home later that night after 3 days on the road. We were all REALLY pleased to have him back!
Ruben just loves this pumping well in the centre of the market, he would love to be able to get the padlock off and have a go with the handle! He asked me to read him the plaque so he could find out more about it and how old it was.

This photo is the balcony of the Market Hall which was opened in 1981 by HRH Prince of Wales and Princess Diana, this is where they stood!

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