Monday, 6 February 2012

Abstract Mondays

Today has been another house day, the girls singing was cancelled due to the icy roads, which I was quite glad about as the children are all still full of cold and I've hurt my back. Plus, the idea of driving on icy roads really does not appeal at all. Instead, I have baked an industrial sized batch of biscuits, we have painted with our new watercolours, wrote more of our stories for the 500 words competition, talked revision techniques with Bailey, played Viva Pinata on the Xbox, played Play-Doh, done scrapbooking, ice experiments and colouring in. Cordelia has painted her own version of an abstract rose using the Usborne Painting book talked about in this post here.

 Ruben painted a worm Piñata from his Viva Piñata game,

   Piper and Cordelia both started mermaid paintings but they went wrong and so Cordelia changed hers into a peacock and Piper painted something completely different.

 I think this week is looking like a quiet home week, as this cold is tiring everyone out and making everybody slightly grumpy, I don't think we'd be great company for anyone at the moment and next week is looking like a rather busy one so everyone needs to feel better soon.

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  1. I love Piper's painting of something completely different. Could it be a tree?