Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wednesday Friends!

Today we have had our third day in a row of friends over! Home made pizza was on the go again as it was a success last time and if its not broke, then why fix it? R and M, our Friday group friends, came over just after 11. Ruben had been sat watching out of the window, he was so excited! Ruben and R went on Animal Jam for a while together whilst Cordelia and M played Littlest Pet Shop. Then there was a game of Vampire Slayers, pillow fights and hide and seek before lunch was ready. M had very kindly made a yummy fruit salad for dessert which the children ate with marshmallows. Then they had a game of Alpha Animal in teams, that was very funny to listen too! I meanwhile was helping Bailey and Piper put the last finishing touches to their stories and sent them in to the BBC Radio 2 competition. Ruben had a little meltdown, think maybe 3 days of friends on the trot has proved a little too much for him. Thankfully it was sorted and Cordelia decided to draw with the body crayons on M and R. I would have loved to have taken photo's today but to be honest no body was still long enough! Tomorrow is looking like a very quiet day and maybe a walk :-)

Tuesday Friends!

Tuesday we had some friends over for lunch, it was the first time they had come over to our house and as M had a 1 year old I was a little nervous as our house is not baby proof! Bless him, he found everything that wasn't baby proof! Thankfully he was outnumbered by two adults so perfectly safe! Ruben really enjoyed having D to play and its great that he has another boy friend to pay with. He impressed me with his maturity, as normal he doesn't play very well with younger boys but he seems to have turned a corner and is dealing with it much better, he even let D borrow one of his toys until next week! I love meeting new friends because the home educating world there are never the same two kinds of parents! Its lovely to have such a wide range of different friends and makes for some very interesting conversations. I used to spend so much time going to larger home ed groups and feeling like an outsider, especially as we haven't always home educated, and now I feel like I have a lovely circle of friends who are all different and who's company I enjoy so much. M even sent me a thank you message and told me how lovely my children were so I'm feeling very glowing and happy about that. I made the children home made pizza for lunch and Cordelia made some rather scrummy cupcakes-no photo's because I forgot! Another lovely HE day!

Monday Stories, Queen & Visitors!

Monday saw singing group cancelled so we had a day at home. Wee baked some biscuits which was lucky because we ended up with a surprise visit from our friends on their way back from a weekend away! The children had a great time playing even though it was much shorter than their usual plays! There was time in the morning for Piper to write up some of her story for singing. She has volunteered herself to write a musical for a show the singing coach is putting together, brave girl! Thankfully she has got a while to write it, so there is no rush. We also watched episode two of The Diamond Queen, there was quite a bit about tea parties-to which the children decided they would rather like to attend, especially to eat some of the cakes! And also lots about the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, which we had excitedly watched back in April last year. Ruben thought it would have been really entertaining if someone had stood on Kate's dress and pulled it all off! Hmmm, not quite sure about that but there you go a different angle for you! The children also spent some time finishing off their stories for the story writing competition I posted about here!

Sunday Walks, Fires and Smores

We were all a bit pooped by Sunday, the boys had a sleepover at my MIL's on Friday night so Ruben was still a shattered on Sunday. Saturday went by in a bit of a blur of food shopping, driving lesson for dad and Animal Jam. Sunday we took advantage of the lovely morning to have a walk with the dog. It was nice to have some fresh air and be up and about early doors, I'm really not much of a morning person and really need a kick some days to walk in the mornings but I'm always pleased when I do. The children enjoyed looking for the first signs of Spring and looking for animal tracks. Its amazing how fast the landscape can change, a few weeks ago the farmers fields were muddy and covered with a layer of snow, now there are already good signs of crops growing. The bushes and trees are beginning to grow buds and we even found some snail shells next to a fence post-it looks like a Thrush had had a very big breakfast! After our walk hubby and I began operation garage tidy up! I realised how much of a hoarder I am, we have had several boxes move with us to the last 3 houses and haven't touched them, proving that we obviously don't need them! So we began sifting through each one. I had to come out of the garage at one point as I just got totally overfaced by the sheer amount of stuff we own! Because Bailey, Piper and Cordelia all went to school there was a lot of work from their school-days, especially Bailey. I have saved some things for him (My MIL gave hubby some of his school workbooks/reports as part of a present for Christmas and it was lovely to read through)like drawing books and his reports but a lot of things seemed a bit pointless. Whatever job/career Bailey ends up having I'm pretty certain that he will not need 20+ certificates saying how well he can sit on a carpet/listen well/which book band he's moved on too! Nor will he need worksheets or pieces of work that he has been told to do. The things I have kept or things that required his own thoughts, ideas, imagination not that of the teacher. Same for the girls, and just a few bits from Ruben's short-lived time at nursery. Made me so happy to be a home educator and know when they produce things now its because THEY WANT TO! After finding some forgotten/lost photo's, which is always a fantastic surprise! we got ready for a fire in the garden. We do recycle a lot but its nice sometimes to have a fire and gather around it, reminds me of camping (which I'm missing!) we ate hot dogs and then the children made some smores to put on the fire and had great fun playing with some old walking sticks in the garden. A really lovely way to end the weekend!

 Cordelia and Ruben aged 3 and 1
Piper aged 2, Cordelia 8 months, Bailey 4 years.

Can't believe how quickly my babies are growing up!

Friday Group

Friday was a much better day, I was feeling much more myself, hubby was home and we had our usual Friday group. We had to decide whether to keep going in the scout hut for another month or meet back at the park. As the weather is still a little unpredictable we decided to book another month. We have lots of visits/walks/playground meets planned after this though, including an Easter Egg hunt too! After group we went on to Bella's to have more tea and more playing time. They had just come back from holiday and we had all missed them! Ruben and his friend R, had a great time playing on Skylanders whilst Cordelia, Piper and their friend M played with the Moonsand. We had some rather delectable desserts whilst us parents chatted and drank tea! Guess what the girls want now?? Friday afternoons are always a bit of a write off, due to Ruben completely wearing himself out so we did some colouring in and watched TV.

Chesterfield Flea Market

Chesterfield is famous for its market and boasts one of the biggest outdoor markets in Britain. It dates back as far as 1165! On Thursday we had a trip with my mother in law to the flea market, we haven't been since last summer and I had forgotten how much I like it. I really enjoy buying second hand and so do the children. I wasn't always that way but I hate wasting money these days. I love buying an item that comes with its own story, something that's been much loved and enjoyed by people before I've owned it. I am starting a collection of vintage clothes for myself, so was very excited to find a gorgeous play suit for a bargain £8! Bailey found lots of old figures to look at and helped Ruben to look for Littlest Pet Shop (sadly there was none!), Piper loved helping me look for clothes and fabrics and Cordelia bee-lined for all the stalls with sparkly old jewellery. Think she may have been a Magpie in an earlier life! She also liked the handmade bath bombs and soaps, and bought some with her own pocket money. Piper managed to find an early 80's Barbie doll so she was very happy, she bathed and washed Barbie's hair and put her a new dress on when we got back home. The children were hungry so we had an early lunch of pizza breads from Gregg's, not really my choice but the children enjoyed and then we came back home. I was still feeling quite unwell whenwe got home but the children were delighted to find it was so mild outside and played for 3 hours in the garden, digging, weeding, running around and playing on the swings. Piper said she had forgotten how much she loved playing out in the garden, roll on Spring!. It really is lovely having older children when your not well and Hubby is away. They were ever so helpful, making me cups of tea and playing together nicely, I really am lucky to have such wonderful children! Thankfully, Hubby was home later that night after 3 days on the road. We were all REALLY pleased to have him back!
Ruben just loves this pumping well in the centre of the market, he would love to be able to get the padlock off and have a go with the handle! He asked me to read him the plaque so he could find out more about it and how old it was.

This photo is the balcony of the Market Hall which was opened in 1981 by HRH Prince of Wales and Princess Diana, this is where they stood!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Visiting Great-Grandparents

Yesterday we visited my husbands grandparents, the children love going there (not least because they get very well fed!). Before we left I made some carrot and coriander soup, as there was some left from lunch I took it over and the children also helped me bake a Victoria sponge. I was feeling a bit off yesterday and really wanted to take the children to the farm and playground first but the weather was horrendous so we went straight to nanan and grandads. They were very happy to see us and loved the cake. Whilst we were there nanan showed us some old family photographs. Years ago she had a family tree drawn up, the children love telling people how Florence Nightingale is in their family tree!! So it was great to be able to put faces to some of the names. The children saw a photograph of their great, great, great, great grandfather! They were very impressed. As they had finished their letters to friends in the morning we called to the post office and posted them off. The rest of the afternoon was spent with Ruben and Cordelia playing Alien Invasions, the play doh type machine where you have to create monsters out of Luna lava and meteor mud. Piper started knitting a dress for Barbie and Bailey finished all his revision book! Now we need to recap on everything and do some mock papers!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Happy Pancake Day!

For pancake day we invited our friends over from 4kids2guineapigs. We had a busy morning and even managed to get some biscuits made for a snack before they arrived. No photo's of pancakes because we were too busy eating them! We had ours with jam, nutella and golden syrup-yum :)

 After lunch Cordelia and her friend wanted to make gloop with cornflour. It is a weird thing, and something common within the HE world I think, mainly for scientific purpose. When you roll it it goes into a solids and when you leave it be it goes back to being a liquid (I'm pretty sure there is a far more scientific explanation for this by the way!) It was extremely messy and it got everywhere. I think we will do this again but maybe outside in something larger than a baking bowl! Still, the girls had fun.
 Whilst they were here they played: Monster High, Barbie's, watched Harry Potter on Youtube, introduced their friends to Animal Jam on the PC, the boys watched Walking with Dinosaurs dvd, played dinosaurs and monsters. Bec and I meanwhile chatted and drank Mochas! A good day :)

We also had a lovely surprise in the post! We have missed our Friday friends over at Lighting Fires (if you haven't checked their blog out, make sure you do, its lovely!) whilst they have been on holiday and Piper, Cordelia and Ruben were so excited to each receive 2 postcards from R & M! They immediately began to write letters back. Love it when they want to write without me saying anything! I love watching and reading their handwriting, never fails to make me smile :)

 Cordelia stuck hers on her radiator! We are super jealous as they were in our favourite place!
They are

Warhammer World

I have mentioned a few times recently about the boys (and hubby's) new found hobby of Warhammer, a few friends from Friday group had mentioned to me about Warhammer World in Nottingham but we had never heard of it. My parents in law took the girls to a doll fair at Kelham Hall which they were very excited about. So we took advantage of just having the boys and took them on a trip to Warhammer World! Bailey was so excited, I haven't seen him so animated in ages, or maybe even EVER! Its so cool as you drive in as there are large space marine statues up outside.
 In the entrance there are some large replicas, I thought this one was a bit scary but Bailey thought it was cool :)
 Ruben liked this model more:
 Measure yourself against a Space Marine! Daddy and Ruben measure up!
 The Citadel miniature gallery was HUGE and a little overwhelming to be honest!
 Not sure how we got Bailey out of this room at all!
 The main gaming hall was very impressive, as you can see. You can see in this photo:
 You can book the tables for a game in advance and its free. The scenery up close its so detailed and must take hours, Bailey now wants to both book a table there and also build one himself!
 After all the chatting in the shop, (we were in the shop for an hour! The staff are brilliant, I think I spoke to 3 different members of staff, actually no it was 4! They are so welcoming and friendly, even though my actual Warhammer knowledge is pretty tiny. I'm not sure if Bailey has spoken to another adult for that length of time outside of family, he was just so excited!) even the restaurant was themed! We took the boys in for a drink and cheesy chips!
 I love this photo of the boys with a huge Space Marine
I would highly recommend a visit :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Sleepovers & Greedy Geese

Last week was rather busy for us with school holidays. I personally would like to hide for the week as don't like places when they are so busy! But the children like to catch up with old school friends. Thursday Cordelia went to her friends for a sleepover, she hasn't been there for a while and was literally buzzing with excitement. She was counting down the minutes all day! Thankfully Piper's friend-C arrived a little while before so she was distracted. Piper has never had a sleepover at a friend's so it was nice for her to have a friend here. Ruben was a bit grumpy about not having a sleepover so he is having one at my mother in laws this weekend. I think he is too little yet for sleepovers with friends much to his disappointment. He really needs his sleep! I'm sure the time will come for him to have sleepovers though. Piper's friend was brilliant and let Ruben play along with all their games too which was lovely. He sometimes feels a bit left out when the girls have their friends over but the girls were fab with him. A huge game of Littlest Pet Shop was played (we are back on LPS again). On Friday we took C to the park where we met her mum. It was lovely all morning and then started raining about 10 minutes before we left, still the fresh air was nice and since hubby had completely ruined a loaf of fresh bread from the bread machine with a spoon, the greedy geese got some fresh home made bread to eat. Cordelia noticed one of the geese was not going in the water and looked a bit off so she spent most of the time there following it around. It eventually went in the water so she was relieved. She will make an excellent vet one day!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Millennium Galleries & Chick Flicks

Yesterday we met up with friends in Sheffield. Bailey, who has had a very social few days with a friend sleeping over, was meeting up with his friends M and J to go to the cinema. It was so sweet being stood in the lobby waiting because all these teenage couples were coming in to watch films together! Sweet :) Bailey's friend M said she felt a bit awkward going to the cinema with two boys on V day but I thought it was rather cool. Anyway whilst Bailey, M and J were in the cinema we took the collective 6 children between us up to the Winter Gardens. There were lots going off in the gardens today as the University of Sheffield students were there and had organised craft and science activities. Cordelia beelined straight for the craft table with her little friend J. Ruben was a bit upset to find his new friend from the Sheffield Museum trip was unwell and couldn't make it so was in a little bit of a funk. Managed to distract him with some bones that had been dug up from Manor Lodge in Sheffield. He had to guess which animals they had come from, which he rather enjoyed, I think he will make a good palaeontologist one day. We then moved into the Galleries,  we haven't visited in a while and it was great to see some of the new exhibitions that were on.  Our friend had some photographs in the new Family Exhibit so we went off to try and see if we could see them, Cordelia did a family trail in the exhibition too, she always enjoys doing the museum trails. Sometimes I feel she misses looking at the things around her when she is specifically looking for whatever is on her sheet but then at the same time I suppose she is being made aware of something that she might have missed. Seems to balance itself out then. Whilst in the family gallery Ruben needed the toilet so off we went, he noticed these rather large bells hanging up near the escalators and wanted me to take a photograph. Have to admit to never noticing them before now to be honest, which is strange as there clearly an old feature!

Whilst we were looking around the family exhibit, Piper wrote on one of the cards, this is what she wrote:

After the excitement of the galleries, we went into the central library to wait for Bailey. It was lovely and warm in there! Cordelia sat with her friend T, finally exhausted from all their Monster High talk, they sat in a comfy chair and read some mystery books together. I sat with Ruben and Piper and we did the same. Before I  knew it Bailey was back, having watched "This Means War" (chick flick!) he said it was quite funny actually. He is off for another cinema trip later in the week for another friend's birthday-social butterfly this week!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

If its good enough for the Queen.....

Today has been yet another day inside, thankfully it does seem to be working, the children are starting to look/feel much better. Although, having watched the weather this evening it seems snow is on its way again. Not sure how the children (or me!) will feel if we can't get out to group on Friday. Think we could all do with some socialising!!
Today could have easily descended into chaos with lots of energy from not going far. The mornings seem to be worse too with silly arguments so today after a conversation with Ruben about his favourite show-Roar- I printed some worksheets on food chains. I used this site brainpop. The video was quite good and the children all enjoyed doing the quiz at the end. The worksheets I printed from this page on brainpop food chains. The children enjoyed filling them in and drawing out food chains of their own. After lunch, Bailey joined us and we discussed fossil fuels and I found these resources on Natural Gas, which we read through, discussed and then completed. It brought back our visit last year to Drax Power Station too which was good.
The afternoon brought tiredness and lethargy back with it so we watched two programmes I had recorded, both are available on the BBC Iplayer: -This was all about the Cutty Sark, which I took the children to see shortly after the fire. We couldn't see very much to be honest, so we are now planning a trip to see it in all its glory later in the year. This was very interesting, I'm just starting to think about what we might do to celebrate the Jubilee in June. The girls got particularly excited when they saw the Queen's "wendy house" from when she was little, it was very cool. And we were reminded that she was also Home Educated, what better come back when people ask us about it-"It was good enough for the Queen!!".

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Going down the IGCSE route...

I've read quite a bit about exams, GCSE's and IGCSE's recently, so thought I would share a little about our experience so far. Bailey, who I know barely seems to exist on the blog these days, has had a break from revising and had a go at writing a short story for the competition. He has made such good progress with his IGCSE work and doesn't seem to have struggled too much thankfully. We have had a look at the marking scheme on the Cambridgeshire website as he wanted to know what percentage he would need to pass. His exam confirmation came through last week, we are very lucky to be near an exam centre and so Bailey won't have to go into a school to sit his exam. Although at £95 for this exam, its hardly a cheaper option. From what I've heard about the exam centre its more like someone's home than an exam centre, which is good as this will be Bailey's first exam. I know there are lots of home educating parents out there who struggle with the whole exams situation and its surprised me how easily this has fallen into place but I suppose time will tell how easy/hard it will be. The main thing is that Bailey has not found the process so far, too much. He has managed his workload very well and it seems this approach has been good for him. My mind is already beginning to think about further IGCSE's but for now at least we'll see how this one goes. We haven't made any special allowances for his Asperger's because so far we haven't needed too, I hope that the experience will be a positive one for him but if that is not the case then maybe its not something that we will repeat. I am a little worried how he will deal with the situation when he is there. At one time he used to be very uncomfortable with strangers, and he hasn't got the longest of attention spans. He is very positive about it and seems to have digested the majority of the coursework. Hubby has been the one in charge of marking his work and has given a lot of his spare time in the evenings and weekends up to do so. It has been a lot more time consuming than I think both of us realised. I am helping Bailey with some revision techniques, as his learning style is more Kinesthetic I'm looking at different ways we can incorporate this. I'm lucky that a close friend is going through the same process so have been able to share/panic/question with her thank goodness. Fingers crossed.... 

How the Dicken's are you?

You may/may not know that today would have been Charles Dickens 200th birthday. So what did we do to celebrate such an occasion? Well we watched Oliver Twist and baked a rather scrumptious chocolate cake of course!! Any excuse for cake here :))

We had a huge talk about the workhouses and thought back to our visit to the Workhouse in Southwell. Which to be fair really didn't seem as grim as some of the workhouses. The children were all quite upset about how badly children were treated back then but I explained that its an important part of history, just like when we learnt about Anne Frank. We can't go back and change what happened. It lead us on to another similar novel called Coram Boy by Jamila Gavin, its a very good book and both myself and Piper really enjoyed reading it so Cordelia is going to give it a try now. We also looked at the life of Dickens on the BBC Schools website and had a look how many of his books we had on our bookshelves too. I think we will have to purchase a copy of Great Expectations, hubby and I are currently watching the BBC adaptation that was shown over Christmas and it is very good. Now I know a little more about his life its interesting how much of  himself and his experiences are apparent in his novels. Its also made it relative to the children who are very into their story writing at the moment. I love it when subjects link themselves together by accident!
As the children are still under the weather, I decided against a trip to the library today. It was too cold out and I really would like the children to be well enough for group on Friday and a friend's birthday party on Saturday. So, Piper wrote her story up in Word, Cordelia started a new scrapbook as you can see here:

 Cordelia also joined in with Ruben's Piñata colouring in!

Think the children will be finding out whose birthday we can celebrate next if it means they get to eat chocolate cake :)

Monday, 6 February 2012

Abstract Mondays

Today has been another house day, the girls singing was cancelled due to the icy roads, which I was quite glad about as the children are all still full of cold and I've hurt my back. Plus, the idea of driving on icy roads really does not appeal at all. Instead, I have baked an industrial sized batch of biscuits, we have painted with our new watercolours, wrote more of our stories for the 500 words competition, talked revision techniques with Bailey, played Viva Pinata on the Xbox, played Play-Doh, done scrapbooking, ice experiments and colouring in. Cordelia has painted her own version of an abstract rose using the Usborne Painting book talked about in this post here.

 Ruben painted a worm Piñata from his Viva Piñata game,

   Piper and Cordelia both started mermaid paintings but they went wrong and so Cordelia changed hers into a peacock and Piper painted something completely different.

 I think this week is looking like a quiet home week, as this cold is tiring everyone out and making everybody slightly grumpy, I don't think we'd be great company for anyone at the moment and next week is looking like a rather busy one so everyone needs to feel better soon.

Sunday Snow

The children were really excited Saturday watching the snow pile up outside, think they were hoping it would be as deep as it was last year but sadly it wasn't quite as immense as last years snow! As everyone was still feeling bunged up and full of cold we decided to not go sledging, especially as Ruben has a habit of rolling in the snow until he is drenched, and just settled for a wintry walk instead. I know it sounds mean but they've been so unwell with this cold we really didn't want to make them worse. He had great fun throwing snowballs at us all and the girls got very sulky about him throwing snowballs. Glad we decided against the sledging as halfway on the walk Ruben got very grumpy and cold so we had a rushed walk back. I took some lovely photographs though, and snow does make everything look so pretty!

 We had a quiet afternoon playing, hubby made some rather delicious pizza's and then we had a go at Pictionary Mania. Not the best idea with overtired, unwell children let me tell you! Still, we all had a good laugh deciding that maybe this game would be more fun when they are all a bit older. Hubby and I finished off the weekend with a dance off on the Xbox and stayed up way too late to watch the NFL Superbowl. A first for me I have to say but WOW I loved it!

Writing Competetion!

We are all fans of story writing in our house and the children were really excited when they heard about this competition. The girls got especially giddy when they saw that Jacqueline Wilson was one of the judges. Its been like a story factory here this weekend, lots of ideas going back and forth and some really good short stories written. The competition is for children aged 13 and under and the deadline is March 1st 2012. They have to write a story in 500 words or less. Here is the link if anybody is interested 500 words.

Happy writing!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Vintage craft fair

After a full nights sleep, which we all REALLY needed the children are all feeling much better so we decided to go ahead with our original plans. With wintry weather on its way there is always a chance that we could end up being snowed in so best make the most of it. I had planned to take both girls into town with my mother in law today to a Vintage craft fair whilst hubby took the boys into the village library and shops. I didn't realise it was National Library Day today and was a bit disappointed to have missed out on the free tea and cake!! I would have liked to show my support too as home educators the library is and always has been a major resource for us all. Still, the vintage fair was really cool and I'm glad we felt well enough to go along. There were lots of vintage clothes (which I'm really into at the moment!) sadly no 40's/50's items which is what I'm looking for. I did find lots of inspiration though. The girls thoroughly made me laugh though, Piper is slightly obsessed with hats, of any era/type and Cordelia is like a magpie for anything sparkly, particularly owls. Must remember this for her birthday and maybe buy/make something owl-y. Not sure about me making hats though but watch this space I'm getting quite handy. Piper found me a fab vintage sewing pattern for these big floor toys, there is a horse, camel and elephant and the younger three have already planned races on them so going to have to make a start on them soon. I also bought some vintage fabric to make the girls some skirts or summer dresses. I'm kicking myself for not buying some glass ice cream bowls, I went back buy they'd gone. I've got a real soft spot for coloured glass, it makes ordinary things look so much more special. The girls picked up lots of ideas for things that they could make and got straight back into making cupcakes when we arrived home, I have a pile of sewing patterns to look through kindly lent by my MIL. The boys meanwhile have had quite a Warhammer day, they've played a huge game/battle and Hubby and Rubes have been painting some of our new figures. Bailey's been socialising on his Xbox in between.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Baby its cold outside....

In case there is anyone out there who doesn't know its cold here in England, it is, strange isn't it what with it being winter and all?? Well after an awful night's sleep with all four children last night, all four are now full of a very bad and seemingly highly contagious cold. A friend recently asked me how I managed with a 5, 2, 1 and newborn and after last nights broken sleep I'm really not sure! I must have been a bit zombie-like. Its not like I had nay family help either it was all down to me or hubby but as I was breastfeeding it was mostly down to me. There were no grandma's swooping in like I often read about on other blogs, although I know that will be me when my own children have children. Still we managed and we managed again today. The saddest thing really about it all today was missing our weekly Friday group. Its really become a highlight of our week and since we started it back in September last year we have barely missed one! I was asking Ruben questions before bed last week, 10 questions to be precise, because I like a snapshot of things like favourite colour, favourite story etc every now again, as its always changing. He surprised me with a few answers:
Me "Favourite book/story?"
Ruben "Pippi Longstocking"
Me "Place you most want to visit?"
Ruben "Loch Ness"
Me "Favourite place you've been recently"
Ruben "Friday group"
No idea where Loch Ness has come from, super pleased he enjoyed Pippi Longstocking because its one of the most fantastic books written for children I've read (and I've read A LOT). And really taken back that Friday group has become so important to him. Seems from my facebook page that we were missed too, which was nice to hear.
As we couldn't socialise today we did indoor activities, in between snuggles on the sofa. Ruben did some painting of Warhammer scenery.

 Cordelia and I made some felt cupcakes from the "Made it Myself" book I bought at the weekend. I taught myself to knit out of this book a few years ago when we got it out of the library and have had a soft spot for it ever since.
 Cordelia made this fab jam tart and then we sewed a safety pin on the back to make it into a brooch. I made Piper a little cupcake pin cushion to cheer her up but forgot to take a photo before it disappeared upstairs.
We then watched Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets dvd and played a game of scrabble, my third in less than 24 hours! Hoping the children will all feel better in the morning and that everyone has a good nights sleep. There is snow on its way for tomorrow here!