Thursday, 19 January 2012

Warhammer Whirlwind

I think I've probably mentioned recently how Warhammer has once again gripped the Barras household. It does also seem to be quite a home educating thing too!? The teeny, tiny figures seem to be over populating my house at present and now even the Hubbster has started to read the magazines and rule books. It started because he wanted to help the children with it but now its just purely for his own kicks, what can I say? I married a Geek, love him to bits though! He has also spent lots of time with the children in the last two weeks painting these figures. I find it quite astounding that Ruben has gone from being a total whirlwind in the house to sitting patiently and painting details on these little figures. Even Bailey has spent time away from his Xbox more and more to read up on rules, paint and sort out figures for his battles against Dad. I am muchas impressed with all of them although freely admit the whole idea both baffles and bores me. Well, its not possible for me to LOVE everything they do all the time. Its been great for me actually because I have managed to spend time with Piper on the sewing machine, making little projects and even Cordelia too when she isn't playing Warhammer, has been and made herself a very cool tote bag. I do love the way my children move through hobbies, variety is the spice of life after all :))


  1. my brother was big on War hammer and i even got in to painting the models. not playing just the painting. I have the same thing here with backagons (or how ever you spell it) and yu gi oh cards...... i just nod and ohhhh and ahhhh a lot lol!!
    Great bonding time with daddy though! Bet your kids love that!!

  2. To be fir the painting does look very relaxing but its so tiny I really wouldn't have patience for it. Yes we too have had the Bakugan things here, thankfully it was short-lived but agree with the ohhhh and ahhhs, as long as you get your timings right that is :)
    Yes they do love their bonding time with Daddy!!