Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Virgin footsteps into the world of blogging...

Today was a day of change, as Zoe was given a day off (something about her contract allowing her to get one day off every fourteen years or something like that) and dad/me was given the reigns for the day. Strict instructions were left, and these mainly consisted of putting together a mythological themed matchbox for the Matchbox Swop, feed kids, dont kill anything and then blog it all. We are now at 6:45 pm, kids have eaten enough pizza to feed a small army, all the pets are still with us and a matchbox awaits postage...although climbing Everest would have been an easier way to spend the day!

The matchbox theme was pondered for a while before the world of Greek mythology was choosen (mainly so I could drop in one of my favourite jokes "Whats a Greek urn?..."). Kids gathered around the table, and with the A-Team theme music playing in my head, I went in. We decided to make a game of Greek Top Trumps, featuring the main Greek gods, heros and monsters, as this seemed a good way to include a lot of information on the large world of Greek mythology. So we found little pictures of a number of gods etc on the internet, and then in a x factor style, whittled these down to 40 odd. Then from the remaining hopefulls at boot camp, created our cards, each with a 10 point scoring system of Power, Strength, Speed, Beauty and Fear:

Then Cordy started work on a poster that could have been found adorned to any ancient Greek notice board, warning the locals of the danger of Medusa, complete with a clever strapline "Beware the Stare!". We still needed something else though, and looking at the cards, it was clear that there are numerous gods, but what are their relationships with each other? Therefore, Bailey was set upon the task of contructing a Greek God Family Tree:

Then all that was left to do, was the matchbox itself, and with my best Blue Peter impression "Here's one we made earlier":

Job done and for those who care, the kids didnt get my one and only Greek joke, tough crowd....

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  1. Ha, great work James! Maybe I can get Ben to write up his days in charge now ;) Your matchbox contents look great, you've all earned that pizza.