Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Thanks to our super early 4.30am start to the day, we got a lot covered. (drawbacks of living out of cities is no public transport links for hubby to make his 5.30 am train into London, hopefully he will be driving himself very soon though:-)) After breakfast was sorted at 6.30 it meant we had time to do some more structured work. Bailey is working on his Computer Studies IGCSE so he was busy doing that, which left the younger three doing their maths books, some comprehension, including a Roman piece for Cordelia and then it was time for a little bit of art. Continuing on from our previous posts today we had a go at Van Gogh's sunflowers. We had an interesting talk about Van Gogh and his suicide, and the children remembered a previous Dr Who episode in which he featured. We used watercolour paper and oil pastels instead of paints, which was the children's choice. I love how they all approached this painting differently:

 Above is Piper's picture. Watching Piper draw this was interesting because she is quite reserved and I think you can see it in her art, she is shy and likes to be in control of everything she does, she is also really articulate and thinks A LOT (that bit is from me!!). Her vase detail is beautiful , especially the shadowing at the sides. And I like that she chose a solitary sunflower.
 Above is Cordelia's, her picture also reflects her personality too, she is very open and you can read her very well, she is very much a glass half full kind of girl and very cheery. I love the curves of her vase and the cheeriness of her bright flowers. She really approaches things with such vigour. Both her and Piper drew the vase first.
Ruben's picture above, he began with the background first, which I thought was cool, as I hadn't noticed the background so much in the original painting, so impressed he picked up on it. He is very laid back, which I suppose comes from being the youngest, and just drew it how he saw it. I pointed out Van Gogh's signature on the vase and so he decided to put his initial on the vase.

Seriously impressed with their pictures today.


  1. Those pictures are fab. Will you frame them? We frame the best ones :)

    They really are great.

    Love catching up on your news. Sometimes we take The Daddy One to the station for 5 or 6 am and I feel like superwoman mid morning when I think what we have done but by about 5pm I am usually a jibbering wreck!

    1. I think I'll have to tbh because I really love them!
      Thanks Katie, glad you enjoy reading our news!
      Yes have to admit I'm feeling it now, shattered :-/

  2. great art! and we too know the Dr Who episode! And i have to say i love Van Goghs "exploding Tardis" painting lol!!
    Great work guys xx