Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Three out of four...

So for the last three out of four days we have had friends around. Nine extra children have visited and five extra adults, one light was smashed very dramatically whilst a very good game of kinect sports was played, copious amounts of food have been cooked, baked and eaten over the last few days, tea, coffee, juice and some alcohol drunk too! Its been a lovely few days and I think quite possibly one of the busiest Christmas/New Year periods we have had in a long while. And having the house so full of people must have saved us quite a bit in heating as its barely been switched on!! I'm looking forwards to a quiet day tomorrow to do some planning for the next few weeks. Bailey will be starting back at his igcse work this week at some point, as I have a feeling May is going to creep up on us in no time at all, hoping to continue with Ruben's free trial on Reading Eggs tomorrow, I'm not overly impressed with it so far but he seems to be sort-of enjoying it and he isn't finding it hard (actually maybe he is finding it too easy if anything!) not sure if its fully for us but we'll give it a bit longer and see. The girls are really wanting to get down to some craft projects and I really want to turn the spare room/toy storage/playroom/freezer into a craft space where we can set up the sewing machine and organise all our fabrics, buttons etc. Hoping to get all of that done tomorrow as the weather is so extreme its better to be indoors tomorrow anyway I think. I have a few trips out I want to plan in the next few weeks, Piper really wants to visit a fashion museum nearby for some inspiration and she also wants to have a go with some tie-dye techniques. She is looking into the GCSE Textiles work at the moment and its lovely to see her so passionate about it. Not sure how easy or not that will be to do as a GCSE from home but I have plenty of time to work that out yet. I found out today that its the year of the Dragon in the Chinese New Year calendar and think that we really must do something with that as Ruben just loves dragons! Have found some resources and lots of festivals/celebrations in January, some we haven't done anything on before too so that will be fun. In our first year of HE back in January 2008 we did quite a bit of work on Australia and Australia day so I'm thinking that would be lovely to do again. Sometimes its nice to do a refresh on something as when you are learning/visiting things so much its easy to forget things too. Plus the children are obviously all older now so we could look at different aspects of Australia. We have our home ed group starting back on Friday, a trip to the library is well overdue too (thank goodness for new reading material bought at Christmas!) and singing group is back on Monday too. Think its going to be a busy but fun year, and I really can't wait :)


  1. Reading eggs was brilliant for my 4 year old, but the 6 nearly 7 year old found it far too easier. I think it's how far they are into reading before they start with the whole thing. HB thinks the farting troll is hilarious though x

  2. I tried to load the test but it didn't work, think that might have helped if he was put in at the right level. Will keep with it until our free trial ends then maybe just continue what I was doing before to be honest. Haven't seen the farting troll but that will be right up Ruben's street :) x