Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday puddings

We all got up ealry this morning and were breakfasted, dressed and out of the house by 9.15 am! A record for us I'm sure but it made a nice change. We took the dog for a long walk in the nearby woods, it was very, very muddy but that only added to the children's enjoyment. Ruben looked for letters on the tree trunks-he found a 'H' and Cordelia found an 'O', they also found some purple fungi (as yet to be identified, a job for tomorrow!). Piper enjoyed herself having a go at twig surfing! And we found the 'Seldom Seen Engine House' again too, always nice to see a familiar face on a walk.

Daddy did some more D.I.Y today, yesterday he started this project with Ruben and today he had another driving lesson over to the D.I.Y store to pick up some more wood. A couple of years ago we lived near a scrapstore, it was very cheap and had lots of really great craft stuff for the children and me at very low cost. I bought quite a lot of sample books, the kind you look at when picking a new pair of curtains in a department store. Many of them were designer fabrics such as Ralph Lauren and they cost me between 30p-£1 for each book. Hence why I haven't bought much material in the last few years. I have made lots of things out of the material-tote bags, stuffed birds & hearts (my MIL has even made me table runners with the different fabrics) cushions etc. Hubby noticed this fab fish material I had a while ago and decided that he wanted to use it for something. Its been sta in a cupboard for ages so today he finished what he started yesterday and we now have 4 fabulous fish pictures hanging in our living room, they are so unique-I love them!

 The rest of the afternoon was spent playing Warhammer, colouring in Top Model books and having a meat and potato pie for tea. A homemade syrup pudding and a film has finished off what has been a a lovely but busy weekend. I'm already in love with 2012 :-)

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  1. wow!!! i don't think we have ever been up and out at that time at the weekend! we are rather lazy at weekends though. The fish pictures are great, very creative!
    You have now made me want sticky pudding.....yummy!!!