Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sherwood Pines Socialising

We've been rather busy the last week or so and seen quite a few of our friends old and new. On Sunday we had a very wintry walk in Sherwood Pines, the lesser known of the Robin Hood forests, which as its name suggests is full of pine trees. And for my liking, far too many cyclists. Its not that I mind cycling, I would just prefer it if they did it somewhere that my children and dog weren't walking, its pretty hazardous when you have an 8 year old and a dog on a retractable lead that weave in and out of trees and can easily cause problems. I have to admit, although I love walking in forests it was a bit too cold for all of us really, defintely thermals kind of weather. Despite taking fresh carrot soup for us and hot chocolate for the kids the sub zero temperature was still a little too much. It literally took me all afternoon to warm up again. The kids still found fun things to do with their little friend though:-playing in this woodland house, collecting rocks, climbing, making music with branches on the sides of trees. We even saw a wild deer (well I missed it but everyone else saw it) that's the second time we have seen wild deer there. The first time we got lost in the forest for a couple of hours and out stepped a stag with two deer right on the path in front us, it was quite magical really but also a little nerve wracking, stag's are very intimidating creatures, especially when you are in their territory. 


  1. It makes me cold just thinking about it again Katie!