Monday, 9 January 2012

Sad Mondays

Today was our first session back at singing. I really wasn't feeling it this morning, I think the busy weekend caught up with me today and to be fair I'm not a fan of the Monday's. It was a bit of a crazy morning with Ruben being super hyper. Think I really need to sort some trips out. My car is having its MOT tomorrow so we will have to see how that goes first. Ruben and Cordelia sat and did some monster painting today, its a book he chose himself a while ago from The Works and  was very cheap. You only need to paint water on to it and all the colours come out, its quite cool actually and it was nice to see him sitting still for 5 minutes to be honest. It was very sad at singing today, normally the parents sit in the playroom and chat whilst the singing group is on. Its actually quite therapeutic normally, even when I'm having a bad day. Today though a friend had lost her brother over the Christmas period and it brought back a lot of memories for me. I had to try really hard to keep from crying. Its so sad when children have to deal with grief and I know sooner or later its something I will have to go through with my own children, as they are extremely fortunate to have all of their great-grandparents. I'm really not good at knowing what to say in these situations, I usually put my foot right in it to be honest. Its hard to explain to the children why their friend was so sad today too. Back at home and we have all just flaked out a bit, I've cooked a healthy quiche, jacket potatoes and homemade pizza for tea and then I think the girls want to watch last night's Dancing On Ice, they have been waiting for it to come on for ages now. I think they enjoyed Strictly Come Dancing so much that its left a little void! Piper and I are planning to make a taxi tote bag from one of the books we got out of the library at the weekend, as soon as we figure out what interfacing is! Bailey has been fab today and done two hours of his IGCSE course and half an hours worth of maths, he is such a star and really working well to his IGCSE timetable.

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