Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pyjama Wednesdays

The kids very happily had a pj day today, think they needed it after the last few busy days. They started the morning off with a huge Playmobil session, due to having some new pieces and also dismantling the playmobil advent calendar. Sadly the battery is dying in the organ so there is a very strange noise coming out of it now. I made a start on the craft room/toy storage/play room/freezer but nearly lost the will to live moving so many toys around, barely cleared any space so may well be continuing that tomorrow when I have more energy. Just as I was falling asleep at 1am this morning up came Cordelia after a rather nasty dream, she was quite shaken up and so was then awake in my bed for the next two hours. She eventually fell asleep at 3.15 and so today has been a long, tiring one. Hubby is on his way back from what sounds like a stressful trip to East Sussex with much train delays, horrid weather! Ruben has been very busy this afternoon making himself a grocery store, clubhouse and a home for his Pokemon. It has taken his mind off the fact that he has a very painful wobbly tooth which has been bleeding a lot. He's quite squeamish, like his daddy so wasn't very happy about it.  He took these photo's himself.

He sat for ages building them out of bits of cardboard, felt and pom poms, whilst I had a go at making him a pair of cropped pyjama bottoms/shorts. All of the ones he has at the moment have holes in the knees because he is forever on the floor playing lego etc! These were just a tester pair before I buy some cool material. Should now be able to make him some shorts for the summer too (oooh get me!) He insisted on putting them on straight away though and has had them on ever since, so they must be comfy. I didn't even have a pattern so am feeling ever-so-slightly smug right now. Pyjama tops might be out of my depth though!

 The girls have had a fantastic afternoon introducing the Monster High Dolls to the ever increasing barbie accessories range-houses, cars, furniture etc and having a go on the Monster High website. They have been doing so much drawing since they got their new top model books too! Bailey has very much enjoyed his last day on his Xbox before his friends go back to school tomorrow, he loves chatting to them all and its a good way for him to keep in touch with his old school friends. He also had a trip from the tooth fairy last night, your never too old for a pound apparently! He spent a large part of his morning reading the Warhammer 40k rules as he has decided to start playing again. He is lucky to have quite a collection that we purchased a couple of years ago. Its quite expensive but requires a lot of skill and I'm really glad he is thinking of picking it up again. Hubby really wants to take the children to the workshops nearby as they all quite like it. The painting looks difficult but Bailey is very good at it. We are just watching Barbie and the Island Princess before early nights I think, not quite the lazy day I was expecting but probably for the best as I may have fallen asleep otherwise!


  1. E went through the knee of another pair of boden tracksuit trousers today. It is very frustrating the whole of the rest of them look brand new! he does love shorts too.

  2. Must be a boy thing then? Can't think that either of the girls have done it but I know Bialey has on several occasions. Maybe time for some old school patches!