Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Monopoly Tropical Tycoon

It seems to have been ages since I posted about a new board game, probably because we play so many! We picked this game up from a car boot sale in the summer for £2 still sealed and its been in the back of a cupboard for ages, until yesterday that is when Piper decided to bring it downstairs. I started playing but realised the time and needed to get on with tea so Bailey took over my turn. Its different to normally Monopoly in that you don't have community chest cards or chance cards, you watch a DVD instead. I'm not a huge fan normally of board games that force you to watch DVD's but this one is actually rather funny. The children were in hysterics several times with the news reports. It was a little tricky at first to play but then it takes me a while to get used to a new game. The money is different for a start as you get a lot more cash, two and a half million, to begin with and you have to pick one of 5 jobs:-Surfer, Police Chief, Mayor, Developer or Artist and that determines certain aspects of the game., for example if you are the developer you get 25k every time someone buys a property, if you are the police chief you get 50k if someone visits jail etc. It started to look very tricky at the beginning but everybody seemed to get into the swing of things. I actually think I prefer it to normal Monopoly, which I find a little dull at times especially with younger attention spans. So this is just about right for my four, plus you can stop the game, switch of the dvd and then come back to it a bit later, which is always a plus around mealtimes etc. I'm not being sponsored to say all this, just thought I would share our views on the game!

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