Saturday, 21 January 2012

Jim Dine Pop Art

In the last week or so we have found ourselves having little more structure on the days we have been home. One thing I really wanted to do more of is art. We have phases where by we do lots of painting and drawing, clay modelling, play-doh, hama beads etc and then it stops for a while. I'm really not very arty at all but I'm trying to be because my children are very creative and imagination and I really love the art they produce. I got the idea of doing the heart pictures from here, I really love this blog because it gives me so many idea's. The children started with a piece of watercolour paper and drew around a heart (a hama bead one as it was the perfect shape) they then drew around it in black pastel crayon. Then they coloured the inside of the heart with the pastels. The background was painted with watercolours, which the children really enjoyed using. Cordelia made two pictures because she enjoyed it so much. I love how they all did them differently despite all starting off with the same inspiration. I had a book that I had bought from a library sale a few years back all about Pop Artists, including Jim Dine who is American. It was interesting chatting to the children about the artists and looking over the different pictures and defining what makes something 'Pop Art'.

Piper's heart

Cordelia's heart

Ruben's heart
 Cordelia's heart, no 2
 Bailey's heart


  1. Thank you Angela, I'm really pleased with how they came out!