Thursday, 5 January 2012

Dragons, t-shirt designs & more cardboard rooms

I finally managed to make a start on Chinese New Year activities with the children this afternoon. They have made some paper dragon spiral decorations whilst I read them this story about The Butterfly Lovers from Activity Village.

If you haven't looked on the Activity Village website before its worth a visit. It has lots of useful resources and craft activities, I think its more suited for under 10's but I still use it regularly. We had fun working out which animals we were all born under, the children found it very funny that I was in the year of the monkey, especially since hubby really dislikes them! Cordelia is year of the Horse which explains a lot!Daddy too. Bailey is year of the Tiger, Ruben is year of the sheep (or goat) and Piper is year of the Dragon, which is a little scary to think that by the end of the year she will be 12!! Ruben continued building more cardboard buildings this morning , he built a library and interconnecting post office. I helped him put some cardboard shelves up and make a computer desk, as he said 'libraries do have computers mum'.

 Bailey has started back on his IGCSE work, he had a bumpy start when he realised Dad had deleted his work by accident!! It was sorted thankfully. Piper made a start on some KS3 Design & Technology work, she filled in a worksheet about designing a mini monster and then begun making her own using this book as a guide. Cordelia has been busy typing up this weeks "Weekly Watch" magazine and sorting out last weeks competition entries for the black rhino drawing competition. She then decided to decorate a t-shirt with some textile pens I found in the cupboard. Its looks fab!

 They have all sat together this afternoon to watch Nature's Weirdest Events which you can find here on the BBC IPLAYER very fascinating. They really enjoyed the crow who dropped nuts on the zebra crossing, so they would crack and he could swoop to pick them up, the bug that ate the fish's tongue (yuk) and the exploding toad's. I haven't watched it so can't really comment, just reiterating the children's views! And finally, Ruben's tooth finally came out today, thank goodness, as he has been fiddling with it constantly!!


  1. Always pleased for new iplayer events. x

  2. What a productive day! I know my boys will love that BBC program. i will mention it to them later and they will no doubt curl up to watch it! Thanks for the info!
    Loving the T-shirt and buildings! Is that a Pokemon i see at a desk?

  3. Thanks guys, the BBC program is definitely worth a watch, enjoy :)

    Yes Pip that is a Pokemon you see behind a desk, even Pokemon have to work. We are huge fans of Pokemon here , are your boys?

  4. Oh yes! Pokemon is big here! funny the places you find them and the things they become involved in lol!

  5. Yes, its such great fun and lovely that the Pokemon are so adaptable to different play areas, even Barbie has had them as her pets!