Sunday, 8 January 2012

D.I.Y Saturday

We have had quite a busy weekend this weekend but it has been fun too. We were meant to be going with friends for a walk in the countryside but they had a poorly baby so we rescheduled. Instead we took daddy for a drivng lesson, which went very well, he has come so far in such a short time. We went to a D.I.Y store for the first time in ages and I had really forgotten how much I love them. My brain goes into overdrive with all the different project ideas, wish I was a bit more hands on where D.I.Y is concerned but I'm a bit rubbish to be honest mainly because hubby is so good at it and therefore I don't need to be. But being in the D.I.Y store made me want to be good at it. I managed to talk hubby into buying me a heavy duty staple gun though so my craft projects are about to take a massive jump forward! First on my list was our bed:- Since we have an attic bedroom there is only one space for our bed and that is in front of a quite drafty window! We realised recently how much of that draft comes through the slats on our bed, so I decided to design a headboard of sorts. I know it would be an option to buy a new bed BUT we bought this one when I was pregnant with Piper and preparing myself for my first homebirth, little did I know I would have three babies in that bed! So I'm far to emotionally attached to our bed and therefore its staying. Secondly, I'm not sure if its my age or what but I really love the idea of using what you have and improving it. Whether that be a piece of furniture, clothing or even yourself! I'm all about improving what I have already got at the moment. So, we bought (I really haven't bought any material at all but usually use anything I have lying around to make things but sometimes you just need a specific pattern/size!) a piece of fabric from our local market and then we bought some MDF. Hubby cut it to size and we slotted it in over the slats and then stapled it to them. Then I measured and pinned the bfabric and it was stapled over the headboard. It looks fab and last night I slept so well! Just shows how little things can make such a huge difference to you. And the cost? £25! All this D.I.Y inspired Ruben to get out his junior tool kit, he helped daddy with a new project(see next blog post for that info!). After group on Friday the children were talking to their friends about Warhammer. Bailey had quite a collection a few years ago but then lost interest, all of a sudden the children (except Piper, who isn't remotely interested) are really back into it. Bailey has been reading the rules this week but yesterday he actually painted one of his models! I'm so impressed with him as he rarely has time for anything past his XBOX. We've tried to encourage him recently to have some more hobbies but children with Asperger's generally get very obsessed with one thing and it can be very difficult to coax them out of it. The problem then tends to be that it becomes an all consuming obsession and even when he is having a break from his Xbox I know he is mentally counting down to when he can get back on it and doesn't really settle much at doing anything else. When he was much younger these obsessions didn't seem so bad, I mean really how bad can Thomas the Tank Engine be?? But its different now he is older. So it makes me very happy to see his focus on something more creative for a change. He has always had such an amazing imagination and its such a shame when he isn't utilizing it! Whilst we were out in town yesterday we called into the central library, we regularly go to our village library but I'm finding the children, the girls in particular, have basically just read everything in there! So it was nice to have a larger choice of reading material. Piper and I actually only looked in the sewing section but got several great books out, more craft projects to work on-hurrah!


  1. well done you. I wish i was more DIY minded. i do try but i am rather scared of it all and that stops me trying! I know what you mean about Aspi obsessions. My eldest is nearly 10. he does love his computer games but thankfully most of his obsessions are construction based or scientific in nature which sits easier on in my mind lol. But it is so hard to move them from a place they like and you pay heavily for it when you insist!
    Great to see him trying something different and you never know. the Warhammer might become a new interest for him!!

  2. Thanks Pip, would recommend the pudding! Took 2 hours but was worth the wait! I like being lazy at weekends too but it was nice to be so busy, means the weekend has gone too fast though. Yes aspie's can be hard when their obsessions are very anti-social. It's great that your son enjoys construction based activities, Bailey really loves Lego too but found he's played with it much less now he's getting older. Thanks for your comments, always lovely to read xx

  3. Wanna see the finished product. - you tease!!! X