Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Ruben's Pokemon Party

Ruben decided to inform me 3 weeks before his birthday that he would like a party, its always tricky at this time of year to do parties at home but we have a big enough house to do a small party so Ruben decided on a Pokemon Black & White Party. We asked the guests to come in black and white, apologies to everyone as I only realised myself what a pain that was when I discovered Ruben didn't in fact own anything black or white, cue a last minute outfit buy on the party day. He also requested a Pokemon cake and so I did his favourite character at the moment- Oshawott, sadly none of the other guests knew who it was but I did get some lovely comments on my snowman/clown cake :-) Still, important thing was Ruben knew who it was straight away and was VERY happy. I also made some pokeball biscuits for the kids to eat, which came out ok, tasted better than they looked thankfully. Daddy was in charge of the games and did a superb job (gosh we are lucky to have such a fabulous daddy bear), he had prepared Pokemon Bingo cards earlier in the week, which went well, the kids all sat still which I thought was amazing. Bailey and Cordelia did a combined effort to produce a paper mache Pokemon ball, which was passed around like pass the parcel but you had to do an animal noise when the music stopped and everyone had to guess what you were. Was very funny. There was also a Pokemon cocooning game, where they had to work in boy/girl teams to mummyfy one of their team with toilet paper, was very entertaining.There was also pin the tail on Pikachu, which Hubby drew himself too. He had prepared some more games but by the time food had been consumed the kids just wanted to play so we let them get on with it whilst the adults chatted, drank tea and polished off the party food. Ruben got some fantastic presents, lots dino related so he should be a very busy boy for some time yet. Thank you to all who came xx

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