Friday, 23 December 2011

Piper's Party at Sew in the City

Piper is really into sewing and designing, she is very patient and also very interested in the whole textile/creation of fashion and so when I heard about this new sewing cafe opening up in Sheffield, I knew she would love it. She picked a few of her close friends to take with her to the party and it took place a few days after her actual birthday. We were a bit late due to car problems and it was all a bit frantic, but after a fabulous friend helped us out we made it on time. Thank goodness because PIper had been looking forward to it so much. The room was really large and full of such inspiring sewing, materials, buttons, fabrics etc. The girls all sat and got started on their russian doll cushion, which Piper had chosen for everyone to do.

After they had stitched all around the edges they stuffed them and then took a break to have some snacks in the party area. I had made Piper a winter scene cake on her actual birthday but had also attempted a sewing machine cake for her party. Here it is :

After we sang Happy Birthday the girls eagerly went back to put all the finishing decorations to their cushions. Piper wanted her photo taken with the Singer sewing machine as she has read so much about them. She sat there for a while before looking around at all the different sewing accessories and materials. The manager told us how they are setting up their own textile printing workshops after Christmas and Piper's eyes just lit up!

The cafe has only been open for 8 weeks but its fantastic and I would very highly recommend it to anyone, all the girls had a wonderful time. It even inspired Ruben to do some sewing when we got back home so boys would enjoy it too. The staff are so friendly and were so inspiring. I've come home with a million new projects and ideas for us to do in the new year and Piper had a wonderful time with all her friends.

If anyone is interested here is the link: Sew in the City

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