Friday, 30 December 2011

New beginnings

I know officially there is still 1 more day to go but I'm SO excited about 2012. It really can't come fast enough for us. Nothing terrible happened this year but it hasn't been so easy either and I'm feeling excited and positive about the things coming our way next year. I have SO many plans its a real wonder my head can physically contain it all to be honest, my mind is literally awake very late into the night, thinking of all the things next year will bring. Before I jump head first into 2012 though I want to take a minute to drink up 2011 and some of my favourite posts:-

Hoping to do more of this in 2012 : Geocaching!

Cordelia wants to do more of this : Fishing

Piper wants to go back Here and also back to the Doll Museum.

Bailey will be undertaking his first IGCSE, all things well, but he most enjoyed Bailey's Blue Ice Cream Experiment this post has had 195 page views!!

Hoping at some point in the next month to experience this again Snow!! This post along with Lincoln Castle has had the most views on the blog..

My favourite post of all though is this most-perfect-day-ever? Quite-possibly and this is what I want to do a LOT more of next year, be outside, on the beach, in the woods, in the countryside, outside everywhere!

Here is wishing all of you reading this blog out there a Very Happy New Year in 2012 xxx


  1. Happy New Year! I have nominated you for a blog award by the way ;)

    You'll find it here:

  2. Hi Lisa, thank you kindly my dear! Just need to get round to finding 15 blogs to pass it on too!