Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Girls Christmas Concert

The girls had their Christmas concert last night and it was lovely. I haven't uploaded the photo's yet as my batteries have died which is such a shame. It was all very festive, we watched a play first which was by another home ed group who have a singing/games group at the other side of town. It was lovely to watch and very cute as they were younger than our group. Ruben actually sat still and everything, which is quite unusual for him at the moment as he is super hyper. I think a mixture of his birthday and Piper's coming up too this week and then Christmas too, I think he may well explode before the day arrives. I'm glad hubby is off next week for a few days and there will be two of us here as he is quite a handful at the moment. After the play we had warm punch and mince pies and then settled back down again to watch our group sing. Its all girls about from the singing teacher's son, which is a shame, Ruben enjoyed going but hated being the only boy so refuses to go except to play with the older brothers in the group. The girls watched some of their friends playing the recorders first and then got up to sing their songs. They all did really well and I've ever so proud of them. Its quite a big thing to stand up and sing in a room full of people and they have done it twice this year! One very proud mama :)

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