Tuesday, 6 December 2011

And the Bubbin turns 8...

Yesterday my youngest child turned 8 years old. For the next two weeks my children's ages are 8, 9, 10 and 13. That makes me realise how small they all were when he was born. Pippi wasn't even 3 years old. I can't imagine how we did it BUT we did and I would very, very happily do it all over again. Ruben was 11 day late (although the midwife said he was more like 14 days as his skin was peeling so much!) I remember feeling quite fed up as the people around me were having babies early and before me, plus I felt the size of a house. Piper was born 3 days early and Cordelia 2 days early and Bailey was only 2 days late so this was quite unusual for me. Finally though my labour began just after midnight on the 30th of November and Ruben was born at 4.40 am weighing a very healthy 8lbs 9ozs. It seems so long ago now, people keep telling me that 8 is the age they stop being little but I can't ever imagine that to be true to be honest, my children are always going to feel little to me, even the big one, who is now slightly taller than me. Its a weird feeling adjusting to life with older children, gone are baby toys, safety gates, toilet steps and plug covers and here are Lego, Playmobil piles, moody tweens and teenagers, hormones, a bathroom full of nail varnishes and Lush soaps that aren't mine! Anyway.... Ruben didn't want to do much on his actual birthday yesterday, we offered to take him to the cinema but he wanted to stay home and play with his new toys instead. He is having some friends over for a Pokemon themed party on Saturday and is very much looking forwards to that. Cordelia made him a rather delicious chocolate cake too, I have the job of the Pokemon birthday cake to make for Saturday.

Here he is still aged 7 the night before his birthday, not sure when this idea came about-one last photo before your birthday-but I like it.
Ended in a bit of a pile up though :-)

Here he is officially 8.