Thursday, 22 December 2011

11 we have landed!

I can't quite believe it but my beautiful daughter has turned 11! The tiniest of my babies, weighing 6 lbs and 10 1/2 ozs, (also the most painful labour, albeit shortest too), she was born, not crying, but simply blowing bubbles. She has been the most laid back girl ever since! She is funny, clever, very sarcastic and a total bookworm! Seems only right then that her birthday present of choice was a Kindle. Which has barely left her hands ever since! She is really into her fashion designing at the moment too and was lucky enough to get the new Paper Fashions by Klutz book, they are really good books as you get to know a bit about the history of fashion and then lots of inspiration to make your own designs. Piper is a huge fan. The last Friday group meet for our home ed group also fell on Piper's birthday so we had the group's Christmas party which was so much fun. We all took food to share, and some of the other mums and dads had took games to play too. The kids had a fantastic time and so did the parents actually! Will post photo's up tomorrow as they are on my other camera.

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