Friday, 11 November 2011

Tudor biscuits

We have had a really busy week this week and have been out every single day. We haven't seen as much of our friends as we'd have liked recently with all the wedding preparation so we tried to get back to normal this week. Monday we went to singing, the girls are preparing for their Christmas concert in a few weeks time so they had an extra 20 minutes singing this week. They are both very excited. On Tuesday we went to visit some friends and the girls made some tudor biscuits (jumbles). It was a strange recipe as there was no butter? Just flour, sugar, eggs and carraway seeds. I love aniseed but have to admit these were the most peculiar tasting biscuits.   The girls worked together with each of their friends-Piper with Immy
 And Cordelia with Jemima

 Excuse Cordelia's make up! They were playing vampires before we started the baking! As you do.....
 After the kneading and rolling into knots they were then boiled for a minute before being baked in the oven
 They looked a bit like bread when they came out and tasted a bit like bread too. The children were a little unsure.
So off they went back to play their giant game of Playmobil!

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