Saturday, 12 November 2011

Some BIG decisions.......

Another busy day yesterday with a trip to the library, that can really take some time with us ALL choosing books and then a visit from friends (can't remember the last time I saw so many friends in just one week!). Bailey has also come to the very big decision, all on his own, that he wants to do an IGCSE in Computer Studies. Now to some readers this might just be yeah so? But to us this is a major step. When we first began HE back in January 2008 I tried really hard to do school at home with the eldest three children, that worked for a few months before we all burned and crashed. I didn't know anyone for a year other than HE online forums so had no one to really questions like how/why so I kind of just followed what I thought was OK. Since that we have floated somewhere between autonomous (I even had to look up that word when I began as I hadn't a clue what it actually meant) semi=structured and child led. Bailey was diagnosed with Asperger's (which isn't something I've discussed for lots of reasons) in 2009. At the moment I'm not sure if I agree with it actually and feel pretty let down by the whole special needs specialists. Thankfully for us we haven't needed any extra support as, just like the rest of everything else we've done so far, we have gotten on with it ourselves. I'm not one for asking for help, I've always gotten on with things myself and I'm lucky that I have such a fab hubby to share everything with. Oh gosh, now I'm babbling.... Anyway, Bailey has been in a phase of not really wanting to do much at all without a good kick up the bum (not literally of course!) he spends a good deal of his day mentally counting down hours to go on his XBOX, (which I've found out very recently seems to apply to ALL other 13/14/15/16 year old boys too, phew....). So this sudden and rather unexpected change in him has quite took me by surprise! Yesterday he even sat with me and we looked at University courses on Game Designing, then we spent a further hour discussing and reading through the curriculum for the IGCSE. He does have a few friends, both HE and school friends that are taking/studying gcse's so maybe its that but all of a sudden he has a plan and is very willing to put in the work required.  Recently I had thought that GCSE'S were possibly an option to us but definitely not something I was going to push. There are so many people with qualifications and degrees that are doing nothing these days that I'm not sure they are worth the paper they are printed on. If Bailey or any of the children wanted to wait and see what they want to do that is absolutely fine by us, life is too short to be stuck doing something you hate. So I'm glad that rather than be coerced by secondary school into doing obligatory gcse's that he will probably not use again he has been allowed the space and time to decide what HE wants to do. He also has the time to be able to study at his own pace without anyone rushing him and the luxury of help from 2 parents, not 1 teacher shared with 30+ other students. I have never regretted our decision to Home Educate our children and applying for Bailey's exam place today made me feel so glad and thankful for that day in October 2007 when I first read about HE in a national newspaper. I'm so happy that our children have the freedom to chose who and what they want to be.