Monday, 7 November 2011

November's catching up!

Can't believe I haven't wrote a blog post for a week! Thought I was doing too well. Well its been very busy around here and will probably continue to be for the last half of the year as we have 2 birthdays, a wedding anniversary and obviously Christmas coming up. I feel like I can go into Christmas mode now this week has finished.

A little round up of what we have been doing in the last seven days since Halloween;
We finally took part in the Samaritan's Purse Shoebox Appeal. I have wanted to do this several times before but I always run out of time. It was great this year as the kids really understood why they were doing it so maybe its better that I waited until they were older. If your not sure what I'm taking about-basically you have to fill a shoebox with small gifts/toiletries/sweets/stationery for a girl or boy in 3 age categories, the boxes are delivered to parts of Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.. The children all picked their age and sex to do a shoebox for and had lots of fun buying little things to put in the boxes. We then donated online and we should find out where our shoeboxes have gone this year.

We also had our first meet up in the community hall for our Friday Group. There were only four families there but it was lovely, the children all played really well together and one of the mums brought lots of sewing things so the girls had lots of fun! The girls all ended up playing Doctor Who with cars, dragons and playmobil so a giant mix up with the boys! It was nice to be warm and dry too as the weather was very grim on Friday, plus I managed to finish two whole cups of tea whilst they were still warm! Today has not been quite like that so far.

Ruben also lost his other top front tooth and had a trip from the tooth fairy, here he is without his two front teeth:

And thats where most of last week went!

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