Friday, 11 November 2011

Cinnamon Bath Soak, Chocolate Truffles & Cupcakes

Continuing our busy week with friends we went to another good friends and had a very busy day! She had planned for us to make lots of things whilst we were there. We started with cinnamon bath soak, which is so easy to make and absolutely divine! Think Christmas in a jar. The ingredients were all things readily available from the supermarket_Bicarbonate of Soda, Cream of Tartar, Cornflour, Powered milk and of course Cinnamon.

 After we had finished and bottled it up in some recycled jam jars we started of the chocolate truffles. Ruben even had a go with these, hmmm wonder why? They were quite easy actually and have given me a few ideas for variations as I'm not much of a dark chocolate fan. They were extremely rich but the children thought they were scrumpcious, think you can tell by the cheeky smile on Ruben's face!

They all enjoyed rolling the chocolate out and covering it in cocoa. The hardest bit was then waiting the ten minutes they were in the freezer before they could be eaten!

 My friend also showed the girls how to make material cupcakes, we only had time for a quick go but the girls really enjoyed themselves so I think we will try some different designs this week. At least I can fill some of my cupcake stands up with them in the kitchen. Plus I've heard their zero calories!
Love the gingerbread button on top :-)


  1. If you buy some citric acid from a soap supplier like Just a Soap or Soap Basics and add to your ingredient list, plus get yourself some essential oil, you could make bath bombs - easy peasy and so much fun! I've been making them for years and they are so tactile and lovely to make with kids. There are literally loads of online recipes and tutorials.

  2. Thats where my friend buys her soap making things from! Cordelia would love to make her own bath bombs, she has a kit but it's not that good. I can see her spending all her teen years in the body shop/lush!