Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Christmas Lights...

Three years ago we started a little festive routine of going into town to watch the Christmas lights being switched on. Its difficult when its not all of the children's cup of tea, Bailey and Piper aren't ones for much fuss, unfortunately the other two however are a different story. Cordelia is like Mother Christmas and Ruben is just SO excited that it will be his birthday soon he just has a boat load of new energy. Bailey and Piper actually really enjoyed it this year, Piper even sang along with the Christmas songs! She normally hates loud noise in crowds but she was in a lovely mood. We took the children into a cafe and we all had hot chocolate, which was nice as its not something we normally do. We had a lovely wander around the market and got lots of ideas and inspiration for things we can make ourselves over the next few weeks, we enjoyed looking at all the silly presents in the shops. There were some donkeys, llamas and even reindeer in town too, which Cordelia and Ruben just loved. The children had saved up some pocket money to spend too and enjoyed spending it.

 Cordelia bought herself this horse balloon, which was rather big, but at least we would be able to see her if she got lost in the crowd!

Like I said, a TON of energy at the moment!

We also saw this fab window display, am hoping we can have a go at something similar very soon

We didn't really have many festive traditions in our house when I was little so its not something I have really started myself. Its always a really busy time of year with two birthdays and a wedding anniversary just before. Every year though, I try and add something like a tradition. We have made our own calendars for the last 2/3 years as I really don't like the cheap cardboard ones in the shop. One year we bought them for the children and they ended up getting another one each too, it was ridiculous having 8 in the house, so now we just make one altogether. I'm thinking of possibly sewing one this year maybe but will have to see..... There is always so much I want to do but I always run out of time.

What traditions do you have in your house? I'd really like you to share some if you don't mind?

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