Saturday, 12 November 2011

And finally this week a little bit of art!

We had a fab time at our local HE group today with the children doing a mixture of painting, board games, top trumps, playing Doctor Who/Pokemon/Animal Hospital and Playmobil, sewing, sticking, and felting. Ruben woke us up at 5am saying his throat hurt but went back to bed and was fine when he woke again. He's always so excited to go on a Friday and see his friends. On the way home though he looked terrible, very pale and full of cold so the rest of the day was spent snuggling on the sofa and watching a DVD. I think we are all pretty wiped out after a busy week to be honest. Just hoping he picks up for the weekend, bless.

Meanwhile, Bailey, continuing his new found motivation did some rather cool pieces of art. I like this piece below, he used potatoes to print the dancing people and was inspired by the Usbourne Art Project Book. I really, really love Usbourne books, especially the art ones.
 Cordelia painted some flowers and did a tissue paper poppy in honour of Armistice Day. Whilst we talked about percentages and possible questions on the PMC paper, which both girls will be taking part in this month.
 Bailey also painted these two beautiful flowers. I love them. The detail is so good, he is very talented. We are lucky that we have four children who are all very creative and imaginative. I've told him he will be designing all of our Christmas Cards this year as I think this would look just beautiful in reds and greens.

Bring on the weekend, I'm so ready for it! Hope you all have a lovely weekend too :-)


  1. Wow! What beautiful pictures! Better quality than a lot of adult artwork I've seen.

  2. Thank you! I'm very proud as I'm really rubbish at art, they get it from their dad-he's very good at drawing too xx