Saturday, 29 October 2011

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We haven't managed a visit before now to the YSP, although we did go many years ago when it was a small farm and riding school. Cordelia had her very first horse riding lesson here when she was 4. It was for her birthday. She loved it. It has changed quite a lot since then though and it quite expensive for a family of 6. Daddy was working away, Bailey was over at his friends so I bought a ticket from Groupon which meant all four of us could go for £15. It was open until late as it was a firework special too, but as Cordelia had a pamper birthday party for her friend we didn't get there until 4pm. So had to rush around a lot of it before it got too dark!
Here they are checking out the map

 A raccoon dog-which was very strange. There were two of them and they were sisters who were quite old, spinsters!
 Shetland pony
 You can't really tell but these trees are full of Lemurs!
 They were very close to us and were allowed to wander around pretty freely.
 A very cute and small owl
 Forgot what these were called but they were very strange and looked a bit like a hare, with no tail.
 Ruben wanted me to take this photo of him in front of the camels, can you spot them?
 The tiger, was very impressive. It looked very small from this far off but as it got closer the kids were impressed with the size of her.

 It was really dark by the time we got to the lions so we didn't get to see much of them but managed to get quite close.
It was so busy because of the special offer, we met Bailey and his friend there too and they younger ones made the most of the free slides but we were all a bit tired and cold so decided to miss the fireworks. It was a good plan because after being in the car for 5 minutes the heavens opened and a huge thunderstorm followed us the whole way home on the motorway. So very relieved that I wimped out of the firework show, plus myself and the children are really rather rubbish with huge crowds these days. We have got far too selfish with our spaces! Will be going again soon though to see the new rare leopard that they have arriving!

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  1. What a fantastic day out! I love taking the kids out to the Zoo. x