Thursday, 20 October 2011

When the mummy is down, who ya gonna call?

Today, actually last two days, I've felt poo. Its lucky really that my wonderful hubby has been working from home as i haven't been up to much at all. Meanwhile the children have been really fantastic, apart from a few mini arguments, hey no-one's totally perfect! (and if you think they are, trust me its all a lie). They have played, drawn pictures, made things, snuggled up with me and watched TV, made me cups of magic tea, baked me chocolate cake and made me pancakes for my tea. All those out there with smaller ones, I remember how it seemed never ending having 4 under 5 years old, nappies, breastfeeding, sleepless nights(my four hardly ever slept through until they were nearly 5 years old!), mess (well there's still mess, obviously!) but in occasions such as this one they now can rally around and help me, not because they have too but because they WANT to. Despite feeling very poo, I'm feeling mightily loved and lucky to have these very special people in my life. Well. I did warn you it was a smug one tonight!
A few pics from our/their day, just because I'm down doesn't mean production comes to an end because learning can continue without me........

Piper has set up her very own fashion corner, with her sewing box, mini mannequin, craft books and her fashion book/bible
 She patiently sat and made this belt all by herself, without ANY help. All my talk/lust for Coco Chanel has finally wore off on her by the look of things.....
 My ickle Boo girl made me a truly scrumptious chocolate cake, all by herself....
 Daddy did some drawing class with the peeps after work was out!
 Ruben's dinosaurs, including a dinosaur he created himself called "Axosaurus"
 Cordelia's drawing of a contesetent on Strictly Come Dancing, love the sari look
Thank you Bailey for my lovely tea of pancakes, no pictures sadly, but they were delicious xx

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