Sunday, 9 October 2011

Sunday Sum up....

Thank goodness today has been a better day and everyone is feeling brighter and better! Apart from the weather being so grim we have had a lovely weekend. The children had a lovely time with Daddy yesterday and I came home to a yummy cake baked by Cordelia! She has had a baking frenzy this week but not all of it has been a success! She drew this picture after her buns came out a bit wrong

 and had a bit of a sulk whilst painting some Christmas Tree's! Never too early you know!

 But then here she is putting the finishing touches to here chocolate brownie.

They had played lots of games, had a walk to the library, watched Disney's Tangled and Hubby had helped Piper create this fab display rack for all her paper fashion creations! Clever Daddy! Piper has made a shop out of a box, she is in the middle of decorating it all before she moves on to the accessory shop!

Here they are having a game of Monopoly this afternoon:-)

The boys had also had a go at making a Lego version of their favourite board game of the moment "Dungeons and Dragons"

Seems that the Lego Bionicle figures are making a bit of a comeback in our household :-)
 I am really looking forwards to getting back to normal this week starting with the dentist tomorrow and the girls singing lesson. We might even squeeze in a morning walk with the dog in the morning too.

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