Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pumpkin trail at Clumber Park

Last weekend we had a lovely autumn walk through the National Trust's Clumber Park. Its a really beautiful place and well worth a trip. It attracts so many people every day and is always very busy, in the summer you can BBQ there and even put your tents up for the day too! Its great for cycling but have to admit not to trying that as yet. Would be quite stressful with all of us I think. I did a 10k run there a few years ago at this time of year and really love all the autumn-ness about the place! The church is beautiful too.
 It was quite early and so very quiet when we arrived. The children had lots of fun looking for the ducks and swans on the lake
 The dog had lots of fun trying to chase the hundreds of squirrels there too:
 We collected some different leaves to identify what tree's they were from
 Said Hi to the nearly grown up cygnets. I've never seen them this size before only as tiny babies or fully grown Swan's
 They were very friendly, well to us, not the dog who they loudly hissed at!
 Lots of beautiful walks off the main bits too, I love this picture of Chestnut Avenue
 The walled kitchen gardens had a pumpkin trail on, which was lovely! The children had to find 8 different pumkins and guess who they were supposed to be!

 I like this Harry Potter pumpkin :-)
 Looking at the bee's. They were very quiet though.

 These feely boxes were fun too but I did not like the jelly worms covered in mud, just thought that was a waste of good jelly snakes.....
 Liked the Shrek pumpkin!

 All these pumpkins are used in the restaurant here too, which I thought was lovely.
It was a lovely pre-halloween visit.

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