Monday, 31 October 2011

A pre-Halloween warm up walk

Last night we took the children for a walk just as dusk was approaching. It was so much fun and a little bit scary. We bought a couple of new torches and Daddy put red tissue paper over the front, as apparantly this helps not to scare the animals. Sadly, we didn't see anything too wild! But we did see a good few bats and heard two different owls, who sounded like they were callling out to each other, which was very cool. Its amazing how disoreinated you can actually get when its dark and you are away from street lights/houses, even though its somewhere we have walked as a family lots of times it had such a different feel to it. If nothing else, none of the children will be running off into the woods by themselves anytime :/. Daddy also helped the children carve their pumpkins this year too. We were lucky to get some from just up the road, and they were locally grown which was lovely. Cordelia and Ruben went for green ones this year which I think was because of the green pumpkins at Clumber Park last weekend. They all had a lot of fun anyway. Feeling a bit sad I haven't done a party this year, last years was a lot of fun but there has been a lot of things going off here and I haven't been well so not really had the energy for parties. Think we will have to do one again next year though as the children really enjot Halloween and trick or treating just doesn't quite cut it for me.


  1. We also thought (according to hubbys smart phone, star spotting app) that we saw Jupiter, it was so much brighter than all the other stars in the sky and slightly bigger. Turn's out that what we thought was Jupiter in the night sky really WAS Jupiter!! Thanks Lisa for confirming:)