Friday, 7 October 2011

Not the happiest of weeks!

We've had a pretty rubbish-y week this week! When one of the gang is unwell it tends to throw everything else out too. Bubs is still full of cold but his energy is coming back thank good ness! I am hoping next week we can get back into the swing of things and maybe even have a few day trips out. Daddy is in charge for half of tomorrow so is taking the children to the cinema for a treat and to look for some new slippers as our house has got very cold this week! We also have an extra guest this weekend with Baileys friend. Very nice to have two giggly teenagers around! Have a feeling I could be back at the supermarket by Sunday as they eat a staggering amount, although I have no idea where my boy puts it because he just seems to be growing upwards! Cordelia has done a fair bit of baking this week but it's not all gone quite too plan, still even that is a lesson in itself. Although she is not very keen on failure but then who is? She has dusted herself off and had another go and I love that spirit :-)) she's also decided that a Zoologist is her new career of choice, which actually I can totally see but then this girl of mine could do anything she set her mind too, that I have no doubt at all about. Right off to bed for me! Happy weekend fellow bloggers/blog readers x