Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Newcastle part 2....

The second musuem we arrived at was the Hancock Museum and the BBC were there as part of their Planet Dinosaur Tour. We were fortunate that we arrived early as it got very busy, we booked in for 12 and had a little walk around the musuem first. It was one of the best museums I have been to for quite a while and definitely one of the best outside of London! Ruben spent thewhole time asking what the time was because he was SO very excited!  Ruben made me take SO many photo's of him next to all the dinosaurs in the musuem including the skeleton of a T-Rex, which until he found out about Spinoceraus was his favourite!  There was lots about the Ice Age too and this model of a deer from the Ice Age, its antlers were HUGE! A fanatsic day out but as we didn't get to go to the other musuem, which was very much for the girls we have to go again very, very, very soon because I have promised and mummies never break promises!!

 This room was fantastic both educationally and visually!! There were touch screens on this side so you could tap and find out information about each animal opposite. And on the other side there were some real animals mixed in such as snakes!!
 Inside the Planet Dinosaur section, we got to build a 3-d skeleton of a Spinoceraus, one that was around 5 years old, Ruben and Cordelia loved this bit but Piper was a bit shy and decided not to take part. We then got a photo opportunity with a life-size Spinoceraus head and got to watch an unseen episode of Planet Dinosaur in 3-D, which I have to admit, was pretty fantastic!

 The musuem also had a brilliant Hadrian's Wall exhibition, which the kids thought was very interesting and now we are planning to go there next year and walk along some of it. I would love to walk all of it but its 80 miles, and think that might be a bit too much for the little ones!

 The children enjoyed the Ancient Greece section too and all got to design a shield that was then projected onto the wall. This was Piper's:
 And Cordelia's:
Would highly recommend this musuem and the Discovery museum too, infact Newcastle itself, its a fantastic, vibrant and VERY friendly place!


  1. Great photos :) especially the v smiley one :)

  2. Thanks KP it was a really great day out!!