Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Newcastle Part 1...

On Saturday we took the younger three up to Newcastle for the day, it was a bit of a drive to be fair but Bailey was at a friends for the day having a trip to the cinema and so we used the opportunity to go. Its been tricky not having a 6 seater for us and we haven't been doing many family outings recently, fingers crossed it won't be for much longer though as things are looking up! Bailey had a fantastic time with his friends though and went to see Jonny English, which from what I have been told was very, very funny! He is very lucky to have some really fabulous HE friends :-) The plan for Newcastle was to go to two museums, which we did actually but not the two we had planned on. We arrived at the wrong musuem first-The Discovery Museum but it was fab in there and worth making a mistake for to be honest, there was a great fashion exhibition which Piper just loved, she is really into her fashion design at the moment.

 Look how big this shoe was!

 There was a fabulous science section too.... We played with something similar to this at the science centre when we visited the fabulous herstmonceux-castle a while ago

 Piper loved making this generator work!
 I just liked the look of this to be honest, forgotten what it was called!
 The kids loved the traffic lights game which tests your reaction speed. Piper won with 32 seconds and Cordelia took 5 turns to beat her at 31 seconds, competetive Cordelia? Pah!
 This boat in the reception area was very cool

 A glass elevator just like in Charlie and the Chocolate factory!

Afterwards we moved on to the next part of our day......

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