Thursday, 13 October 2011

Magna, Krispy Kreme's & Test passing!

Well we had a daddy back for a little bit but he shot straight off again this morning as he had his car theory test first thing this morning. The children and I got up and had breakfast and Cordelia wanted to play a game whilst Piper and Ruben had their turn on the pc's, (they are having a bit of a Horrible Histories World/Roblocks phase this week). So we opted for Scrambled Eggs, I like this game as its really good for spelling but quite a lot of fun. Another game I picked up from a boot sale last year brand new and sealed for £2! We've played it lots so its been worth the money.
Our friends let us know they had planned to go to Magna this afternoon, so after a quick/early lunch made by Capable Cordelia(gosh that girl is good!) we set off to meet them, There were nearly 200 school children in there today (I know this because a staff member, got out the visitors sheet and informed me when they would all be leaving!!). But we managed to avoid most of the bigger groups. We went into the FIRE Pavillion first, then on to Air and watched the Big Melt from higher above than normal on the advise of the same staff member.

 Then finally onto the Earth and Water pavillions. They really like these two pavillions the best. It was lovely to hang out with them all afternoon and have a good catch up. I stepped back from all the activities a bit as it was all getting a bit too much and I felt that the children and I needed a bit more time at home and with the weather changing I like being free to go for walks and visits by ourselves. I like some aspects of group visits but sometimes I feel its a bit too much like school and I have got a little selfish and like to go at our own pace. So it was great to just decide last minute to meet up.
 (Cordelia wanted me to take this picture of her and her friend chilling out in the 'Rest Hut'
 On the way home we swung by to the Brand new Krispy Kreme shop that opened this week in Meadowhall Shopping Centre! To celebrate Daddy passing his Theory Test! Well done Hubby!!

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