Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Let's have a paddle in the pool....In October? Oh yes!

I think its VERY safe to say that this is the first time we have EVER put up the paddling pool in October. We had friends over on Saturday and whilst the daddy's went off fishing for the afternoon, we had lots of fun in the garden with our friends. Although, it was so warm that actually we had to keep coming back in the house and playing Dinosaurs for a bit before we went back out for a paddle. 

When the daddy's arrived back home we lit the barbecue and a very scrummy tea which was closely followed by a fire with smores and toasted marshmallows. The sky was really clear too so we got to do some star spotting (thanks to a fab phone app-which you point to the sky and it tells you which stars you can see!), wishing upon some stars and a fantastic sing-a-long around the fire (the banana song was sang a considerable amount of times and have a feeling my friend's daughter will be reciting it lots to her-sorry in advance L!). A lovely and rather wonderful start to October, let's hope it continues....


  1. Sounds like loads of fun. :0

    But what are smores I wonder?

  2. Hi! Yes it was great fun :-)
    Smores- two chocolate digestives with marshmallow and chocolate buttons in the middle (banana if you like too!) wrapped in tinfoil and then put on top of the fire to melt, delicious!!