Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Happy October!!

What a fantastic end to September we had with the most sublime weather! September is firmly staying as my favourite month EVER, especially after this week.  What did we do with the fabulous weather? We blew bubbles of course!
 We harvested our vegetables and had roasted veg with our chicken

 We blew more bubbles

 Looked up at beautiful clear, cloudless skies
 Played Lego in the garden using some props (i.e washing line and windowsill!)

 Bounced on the trampoline
Found a hedgehog in the garden very late one night
 Found some huge beetles at the park with friends
 Built a wigwam out of some sticks and sheets
 Brought Panda in the wigwam for a noisy
 Built a campfire
 And re-discovered our love for Dinosaurs thanks to the BBC's new "Planet Dinosaur" program.
They enjoyed the story of "The Snail and the Whale" by Julia Donaldson. A personal favourite in our household. If you have read this book have you ever thought how that snail sitting on the rock doesn't want to sit still like all the other snails, wants to explore and see the world? How much that snail reminds me of our very own home education journey! Not wanting to spend 6 hours of our day being told what to do, how to sit, how to think. I LOVE that story!
We have spent a lot of time at the parks and playgrounds with friends this week, I have no photo's as we were all too busy playing, eating, chatting, eating, playing and more eating. A fabulous week!

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