Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Gingerbread Tuesdays

Today has been quite a busy one! We had our friend over with her two little girls so I decide to make gingerbread men for them all to decorate, I madebthe dough myself but Cordelia helped me roll it all out and she cut all the different sizes of gingerbread out, working out how much dough she had left to use which cutters for etc. So a bit of maths and problem solving was covered very early this morning! We have been practising our maths a bit more due to the Primary Maths Challenge next month. I have had so much correspondance today about it all that I feel like I've had a part-time job doing admin today! Still its all good and the more HE children taking part the better!!

 After they had cooked our friends arrived and we manage dto find some glittery icing pens in the cupbaord to use that were just perfect!

 There were lots of giggles and icing swopping going off and the the finished gingerbread people are here :

 Then it was time for some play doh. After lots of rolling, moulding and shaping they then moved onto the Playmobil animals and had a fab time playing a big game together.
After lunch and running a few errands, Bailey, Cordelia and I sat down to a game of Scrabble Trickster, another day, another board game! I'd said I would play yesterday but was just too tired so today I perked myself up with a double chocolate mocha and played. Bailey won!
 Lots of maths and literacy involved in this one today, especially with the trickster cards, they really make you have to think even harder.
Piper and Ruben meanwhile had a fantastic game of Barbie's, didn't see but could very clearly hear them laughing and playing loudly from upstairs! After a tea of homemade pancakes Piper, Cordelia, Ruben and I took the dog for a walk as the rain had finally stopped. The children all came to life and very excitedly played a game of Scooby Doo, (its become a little bit popular with the younger three at the moment) Ruben had to be both Scooby and Shaggy as he loves food, Cordelia was Daphne and Piper was Wilma, I apparantly had to be Fred!? Lots of giggles and zoombie acting later we had time for showers, more play time, bed time stories (Ruben has decided he wants me to read him the stories for 7 year olds, as he points out he isn't going to be 7 much longer! Personally I like a Julia Donaldson story before bed but hey ho, he's the boss). I am shattered tonight I have to admit but very, very excited about a little surprise for Saturday, but shhhh! As I haven't told the children yet. Fingers crossed my fabulous plan will work.......

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