Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Fashion designing, Human body, FRED, dinosaurs and a book sale!

Yesterday Piper decided that she wants to do a GCSE in Textiles so we spent quite a while on the PC researching all about the course. We found some really good resources on the BBC bitesize website and learnt lots about synethetic fibres and natural fibres. We had a look at some of our own clothing labels and what they were made from, I found her some worksheets from the TES website and she happily sat filling them all in and adding them to her new fashion file. She really enjoyed the exhibition at the Newcastle musuem about fashion and it seems to have really spurred her on towards finding out more. Maybe a case of strewing but not sure? Meanwhile Cordelia decided again that she most defintely wants to be a Vet so spent the morning working on some Human Body worksheets that I also printed from the TES website, as she will need all her science GCSE's we have made a start on Biology. She did some really fab work, they both did. After they both did some drawing, Piper designed some dresses and Cordelia drew lots of animals. Meanwhile Ruben spent most of his time totally engrossed in his dinosaurs and looking on Ebay for a Spinoceraus to add to his dinosaur collection! He is very sad not to have one. In the afternoon after our friends had done home we had a trip into the village for a trip to the library book sale and the charity shops. We only spent £4 in the sale which is very unusual, we are running out of book space in our house at the moment though!! But we still got 16 books, including Jacqueline Wilson books, and of course Dinosaur books!! The girls ordered the new Jacqueline Wilson book too and are excitedly awaiting its arrival but Piper told me she has already read the first 3 chapters on the JW website!! We also, watched and rewatched a film called FRED. The kids laugh like I have never heard them laugh at anything really! I have a feeling they might become a little addicted to it, especially since I found out that he has his own channel on YouTube! Whilst in the village I also managed to pick up two board games from the charity shop-Yahtzee (original version) and Tri-ominoes (triangle dominoes) so thats another two to our collection!

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