Saturday, 24 September 2011

New group, new group!

We were really lucky yesterday to be able to meet up with a group of home educators that live much closer to us. After only 15 minutes we all arrived at the park and I was really happy to see that there were lots of boys for Ruben to play with, he's had a real lull of having some friends that are boys. It was also great for the girls because they both found a new friend each that was the age as them! Fantastic! And I got to meet and chat with some very nice new people, all within such a close drive. We all said how great it was NOT to have to go on a motorway to get there. It was so lovely to see them all playing so nicely, or a bit roughly in Ruben's case, what is it with boys? They seem to have this need to roll around on the ground, constantly run, pretend kick and punch, jump etc. They were all shattered when we eventually got home but are counting down the days till next week's meet up already! We finally left after about an hour of the children saying "we're hungry" (bad mummy had not taken lunch, what a rookie mistake to make!) and then disappearing to continue playing again, none of the children wanted to go home, which I thought was a great sign of a very successful first meet. Sadly, no teenagers for Bailey but he didn't mind, its funny because normally it seems there are lots of older ones or tiny ones and none in the middle, this group seems to be more in the middle. Just hope this lovely weather continues for us to be able to meet up regularly. Wish I'd taken some photo's as they all looked so happy :-)


  1. I never know whether to post up photos of meet-ups - Apparently CCTV rules apply when you are in a public place but I never feel sure - I normally go for back of the head shots of other people's children unless I know they have a blog and post photos on it. Am so pleased you have found a closer group. Makes all the difference. We struggle for teenage boys in our area too - It only takes a few to break the mould and now we have an exam centre for home ed just 5 miles away............

  2. Yes it is very much a tricky one, normally I do the same-back of heads photo's- but with it being our first meet up I didn't feel right to take photo's. Yes its great to be involved with a new group too. Many teenagers have gone back to school recently here, I think because of all the problems with exams etc. But we are very lucky to have a great exam centre nearby too. Although I'm not considering exams just yet.....