Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Markham Grange Steam Museum

On Tuesday we met up with the home ed group for a trip to Markham Grange Steam Museum, we haven't visited here before and haven't been to many group meetings of late, preferring instead to do our own thing, but its nice every now and then to see friends form the group. I have to admit to being more of a 1 to 1 person than a big group person but we all needed a trip out after the rubbish weather yesterday. The museum was only very small and I think the children were slightly disappointed but I think this was because of our recent(ish) trip to MOSI which was on a much larger scale. The staff however were really helpful, friendly and informative, which you think is how it should be but when you have children, not in school at term time, its not always the case! It was very, very warm inside and it has to be said that my children are not exactly the best with heat, so we had to come out for some fresh air after 15 minutes or so. Plus, as there was a pet centre next door to the museum and a few people had informed us of there being snakes and Gecko's in there I think they all would have rather gone in their first!! Still after some fresh air we went to see how the boiler works. It was a little similar to our power station visit but the information was more digestible. There were piles of chipboard and mdf behind the museum which is used for burning, people have to pay the musuem to get rid of it because its actually dangerous to burn as it contains glue. When MFI shut down recently they donated lots of their furniture to the museum to burn.

The man showed us where all the chipboard/mdf goes to get broken down and how the machine kicks out all the loose stones etc that get stuck in the chipboard. We then went to see this machine that magnetically removes all metals, this might well have been the children's favourite part, having a go with a piece of metal and seeing how far they could have the tool before it was dragged up by the magnets. Then we all got to look inside the boiler/furnace. Which was very, very hot as you can imagine but had what looked to be a super smiley face?

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