Friday, 2 September 2011

Littlest Pet Shop in Playdough & A Loose Tooth!

Cordelia had a friend sleepover on Wednesday evening and they sat with Piper and Ruben andall played a huge game of Littlest Pet Shop. My children are quite avid collectors of this toy and I think its lovely that they have something that all of the younger three play together. They got the playdough out and all set out to make their pets a special home out of playdough.
This is Piper's home for her pet:
 Cordelia's and her BFF's house:
 And Ruben's:
 Ruben has also finally lost his top big tooth! He is talking a little strange but after it being wobbly and causing him pain for the last few days he is very happy to have lost it! Plus it meant a visit from the tooth fairy!

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