Saturday, 24 September 2011

How many games can we play??Oh and stockmotion too!

I mentioned on a previous post that we have had many game days recently. I really like board games myself (me and hubby play board games several times a week when the peeps are in bed) and think they use such a mass range of skills that its about 3/4 lessons rolled into 1 and rarely anyone complains about playing them either. I've spent the last few car boots looking out for games that we don't have, which is becoming harder as we have so many. A new favourite at the moment is Pokemon Yahtzee, which I picked up from a car boot for £1. All four of my children are really into Pokemon, although Bailey not as much now, he still is like the knowledgeable hero where the other three are concerned though and even Hubby has become a bit of an expert in it. The game is great for maths skills and learning to be patient whilst waiting for your turn.

 I managed to pick this brand new and sealed game up for 50p, we haven't had chance to play it yet though but it looks like fun!
 I also picked up Boggle for £1, I can't recommend this agme enough for literacy, its fantastic and we all love playing this game in a  morning it really gets all our brains working! And I've seen some very interesting words from it too....
 Continuing our game theme this week Bailey and Ruben decided to create a chess stockmotion video. It was lovely to see them do something constructive together for a change rather than wrestling , which is what they seem to be spending 80% of there time doing this week! Take a look.....

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