Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Bonkers for Conkers

For the first time in what feels like ages we met up with some of our very best home ed friends today! Its just lovely having a car again and being able to go to all the places that are near on impossible without a car. Today we went to Clifton Park, my youngest three love the playground there. We had a bit of time to play and explore before our friends arrived and then it was a full on catch up. It was lovely seeing them all back together and chatting/playing on the swings/exploring. I've really missed my home ed friends of late. We are meeting up with our other very best home ed friends on Thursday at a different park too!

Ruben wanted to take his backpack with bug exploring equipment today and I managed to find a plastic tub with a lid on that could be used for "observing" some bugs. He and Cordelia managed to find two ladybird larvae, ladybirds, a tiny insect and a rather large shield bug, so not too bad.

He also took his sword with him as he is going through a ninja period. The girls spent a stomach churning amount of time on their favourite park equipment-the basket swing-whilst my friend and I discussed how sick they make us feel! All was going very well until my friend's daughter was hit by a piece of equipment in the sand area, there was a lot of blood, and a few tears but she was super brave despite a very sore and bruised nose-(hope your feeling better soon J! X) The girls rushed round her, finding her plasters and marched her up to the museum at the far end of the park, whilst we struggled to keep up with the younger three, bags of half-eaten lunch and pushchairs. We got to reception and managed to get some sterile wipes and clean poor J up. Whilst in there we had a look round too and found to both the children's and my friend's delight a new section of toys in one of the rooms! Mainly a huge Sindy cabinet, the girls were looking out for things in their collection, nanan's collection and my friend's collection.

 I liked the ballerina Sindy and Scuba diving in the bath Sindy but never really was into Sindy, it was always Barbie for me.

We even spotted a Moomin doll which is very strange as yesterday I read a Moomin book to Ruben which he rather enjoyed and then I found some clips on Youtube to show him, as I liked it as a child.

I love it when things like this happen, you mention things and then they turn up somewhere! It happened last week after we watched the dolphin/whale programme, I told the children how whales can sometimes get beached like in Julia Donaldson's "Snail and the Whale" story and the very next day a whale calf got stuck in the sea not too far from us at Immington having travelled too far inland, sadly it died the next day. On our way back to the car, the children found lots and lots of conkers which they preceded to vigorously squish out of their spiky shells. Then they all played conker basketball and conker bowling, much to the delight of my friend and I! A fabulous home ed day :-))


  1. Hi there, I just noticed your blog address on emhe. I've been looking for other UK base HE bloggers so thought I'd come and have a look :D

    Just had to say, I had/have that tree house in the last picture!! I spent so many happy hours playing with it round my grandparents. <3 Thank you for posting the pic and reminding me of them! :')

  2. I had that plastic green tree house toy too and that ballerina Sindy!!

  3. Hi Littlefoot, thank you for taking the time out to look at our blog! I think I too had the tree house at some point, it was lovely to look at the toys and a nice surprise as last time we visited the room was a bird watching room! Zoe x

  4. Katie, Piper and I are jealous as we loved ballerina Sindy! Piper is crazy about ballet/ballerina's and has been since before she was two!