Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Birthday cakes and a double rainbow!

Well I haven't been very good at keeping up with my bog of late! I suppose I haven't felt like we had a whole lot to blog about, which is quite silly really because all our days are super busy and filled with stuff! Our second-hand car arrived on Monday but I didn't drive it until Tuesday, and I was quite nervous, that is a whole other story. Anyway, Tuesday afternoon we walked to the village library to replenish book stock! Cordelia had a shopping list of things she wanted to buy as she had plans to make another bath bomb, soap-on-a-rope and lip balm. She is such a busy girl. Her soap-on-a-rope didn't go exactly right and even after waiting the obligatory 24 hours she said it looked like cat sick so she put it in the bin, which was a shame but then that's science for you! It smelt very strong of soap in the kitchen afterwards as she had to grate 2 whole bars of soap. We also had a lot of visitors this week as it was my birthday. We also had to sort out the children's outfits as its my mum's wedding soon and the girls and I are bridesmaids and the boys pageboys, you can imagine how excited Bailey is about that NOT! Typical teenager, but he's playing along nicely bless him and looked very smart in his outfit. The girls are HUGELY excited though as its their first time as a bridesmaid! The girls were very busy on my birthday and baked me not only a fab chocolate, jelly snake cake but also a pile of cupcakes! They also made me some beautiful cards, I'm one very lucky mama! On Saturday we were lucky enough to see the most beautiful rainbow ever, I have honestly never seen one so vivid before and then to top it off a second one appeared! This weekend has largely been spent tidying, cleaning and sorting old toys out. The girls have decided they are too old for quite a few things so looks like an Ebay week for us. We have so many books now too that I think a trip to Ikea might also be coming up. We continued the weekend with more visitors too and my friend and her two daughters popped over yesterday. The boys played Dungeons & Dragon's (which hubby picked up for a mere £1 at a carboot recently) whilst we the girls played together and I had lots of cuddles with my friend's 10 week old daughter! So that was last week summed up!

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