Thursday, 11 August 2011

What's left to say?

Its been a really strange week, I've read and watched so much on the riots and really don't feel like there is much for me to say that hasn't already been said so I have just concentrated on things in my own house. I have stopped watching the news as I didn't feel that having that kind of behaviou on in the background was good for any of us. Instead I re=treated back into the world of my children which is an all together far happier and fun place to be. Ruben is contiuning with his Greek Gods and Goddesses theme and enjoying having stories read from the book of heroes and villans. Last night we read David and Goliath, which I found very interesting as I didn't know the story either. I also managed to pick him up a toy trojan horse and Greek soliders from the car boot on Sunday which I was very happy about as there is not many toys around witha Greek theme. He is very happy with his trojan horse and has been pushing it around the house lots this week. Piper baked some delicious Patty Cakes on Monday, all by herself with no assitance from me which is just great. I love the fact that my children can bake things all by themselves, when I left home at 16 I couldn't boil on egg so I'm very pleased and excited that they can bake things from scartch all by themselves. Cordelia made Octopus chocolate biscuits yesterday, again all by herself, sadly she didn't use greaseproof paper, in fairness to her it didn't say to use them in her cook book, so they didn't come off the trays too well but made delicious pieces of choclate biscuits anyway! She is going to have another go at making them today as she had made the icing ready to decorate them. Bailey finished his entry for the Megablocks competition and has put his stockmotion video online. I will see if I can add it on to the blog later on today with some photo's too. I have loads but they are on the other PC so need to transfer them across!

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