Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tuesday talks, bus rides & playmobil zoo's

I always find it strange to do blog posts without photo's but today was one of those days when it feels too much like interruption to grab the camera. Lots of times I wanted to take photo's of them laughing but I took mental pictures instead. Today we plodded around for a while before deciding to have a bus ride to our local shopping centre, not very exciting but we had books to take back to the other library we use, bonus point of living in/near two counties, we get two library cards to use in two different libraries, much needed when you have daughters that can consume several books in one day!! After I got over the shock of the actual cost of the bus fare for me and three children, we went upstairs to the top deck. You would not believe how exciting the children found going on a double decker bus, no need to take these guys to Alton Towers or any other theme park! I actually think the bus fare was worth the enjoyment for the children. It was so funny listening to them chat about what they could see and pretending to squash everything from their pretend car! I'm pretty certain if the girls were at school, especially Piper at 10 1/2 years old, she would be far too self conscious to be acting silly and messing around in public. So many girls their age we went pass today in the shopping centre, looking grown up and its just another reason whilst I'm so pleased that not only are they enjoying their childhood their actually HAVING ONE!! I had a conversation with Cordelia a few days ago when, after having a school friend over, she started wanting things that her friend had, not because SHE wanted them but because her friend had them. I had to explain how different her friends life is to hers, not only do they live in a house with two wages coming but that her friend has a very different experience being in school. Its something we discussed recently when the girls cousin told them she would be bullied at school for having a Barbie doll at home if her friends saw it. That made all of us feel quite sad and really made them all appreciate how free they are to play with and learn things that they choose too. It can be a difficult place to be in when I have lots of friends who's children attend school and I hear the stories about the behaviour of the other children. Sadly, it seems worse where girls are concerned, they can be so nasty and its even easier to behave like that now thanks to social media sites. I can see it myself from my own facebook page, as I have younger siblings and cousins on there. The language and how easy it is to bully I find very disturbing..... "Steps off her soapbox" not sure where all that came from??
As Bailey is staying over at his friend's for a couple of nights its been very quiet, I really don't like having a child missing! I'm so used to four that three just seems wrong to me. He is having a fantastic time by the way, and spent 3 and a half hours in the swimming baths apparantly today with his friend :-)) After lunch the children decided to make a Playmobil Zoo, which they all played with for a while before it was put away to make space for a huge game of Littlest Pet Shop. They were all, yes Ruben included, very, very, very excited to see a new Barbie advert on the TV too!! Despite being in the middle of serving up tea, the TV was paused and I was shuffled in to watch it amongst screams of delight! And that was today, ordinary, yes but still.....

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