Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Tale of 3 teas.......

 With daddy not around for tea today I decided to make use of the bag of fresh tomatoes the children's great grandad had given me at the weekend.  They were from his greenhouse, which daddy had helped put up in the spring.. I've not made tomato soup from scratch before but it was delicious! Ruben helped chop up the tomatoes, carrot and spring onions from our garden. He did an excellent job.

Then he poured 2 tablespoons of olive oil into the pan and we heated it up

before adding the chopped carrot and onions
We let them soften for 10 minutes whilst we got the veg stock ready. Ruben thought these were amazing! Little X's! He said they were like the X factor and as there were four of the cubes he decided to unravel a new judge each time. This is due to the girl's new obsession with X factor, they have been playing it with the Barbie's this morning and its fastly rubbing off on Ruben.

Then he dissolved the cubes into 1 and 1/2 pints of boiling water, being very careful of course
We added some chopped tomatoes with chilli to the veg as I had run out of tomato puree. And we added the fresh tomatoes and stock to the oil, carrot and onion.
He added it a bit at a time and then we let it boil for a few minutes before leaving it to simmer with the lid on for 30 minutes. Then
 I put it in the blender and re-heated it.
Meanwhile, knowing that everyone wanted pancakes for tea we made a start on them. Weighing out 8ozs of plain flour, sifting it, adding a good pinch of salt and then mixing it with 14ozs of milk, 6ozs of water and 4 eggs

Cordelia helped cook the pancakes as she loves flipping them! She does not like pancakes however and wanted a boiled egg and soilders for tea! So I set to work on that and even managed to have a sneaky pancake myself (with syrup obviously!)

Cordelia took this photo of me eating my soup, which was a little spicy thanks to the chilli but very, very delicious!

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  1. Love the Elmo T-Shirt - and you have great grandparents in your family. That is amazing.
    Our tomatoes in the greenhouse are ripening thick and fast so soup might be a good idea